Putting a Project under Perforce Control

When you create the project, make sure that the directory where its files reside is under the client root of the Perforce workspace you intend to use.

To put a project under Perforce control, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Resource perspective's Navigator pane, right-click the project and choose Team>Share Project… The Share Project dialog is displayed.
  2. From the Repository Type list, choose Perforce and click Next. The Server Connection Settings dialog is displayed.
  3. Specify the required settings as follows:
  4. Click Finish.
  5. In the Navigator pane, right-click the project folder and choose Team>Open for Add... The Add dialog is displayed, listing the project files you are adding to the depot, and the changelist in which you are adding them.
  6. To select a different changlist, choose the desired changelist from the Add to Change drop-down list.
  7. Click OK.
  8. To submit the changelist, right-click it in the Perforce Pending Changelists pane and choose Submit... The Perforce Change Specification dialog is displayed.
  9. Enter a description and click OK. The project files are added to the depot according to the settings you specified.

If you subsequently add files to the project, you must also add them to Perforce (steps 6 through 10 above, or use the corresponding Perforce task created in the Tasks View). When you add files to a project, a new Perforce task is appended to the Tasks View, with the description "Local addition not under Perforce control". To open the file for add and thereby remove the task:

  1. Right-click on the task.
  2. Choose Quick Fix…
  3. Choose the Open for Add fix. (To exclude the file from Perforce control and remove the task, choose Exclude from Source Control.)

To exclude files from source control: in the directory where the files reside, create a text file named .p4ignore and enter the directories and file names you want to exclude. When you specify a directory, all its subdirectories are ignored. You cannot use wildcards in .p4ignore files.

To change server settings for a project that is already under Perforce control, right-click the project, choose Properties, and click Perforce.

NOTE: P4WSAD does not support deleting, moving, renaming, or refactoring linked resources (files and folders that are stored in locations in the file system outside of the project's location).

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