P4Web Release 2007.2 User Guide
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Settings and Preferences

Click on the Settings tab to bring up a form that allows you to change your Perforce settings and P4Web preferences. Please note:

Change Client

This setting allows you to change the name of the client workspace you want to use.

Click on the Clients tab to see a list of existing client workspaces. If you leave this blank, P4Web uses its startup environment to determine which client workspace to use.

Change Password

This setting allows you to change the password for the client workspace you are using. Enter the old password in the Old Password field and then enter your new password into each the two New Password fields (so you enter it twice).

Back-in-Time Browsing®

Diff/Resolve Preferences

Use these options to specify the output of diffed/resolved files.


Page content limit -- controls how much text P4Web will send from the Perforce Server to your browser in a web page. Some browsers can get compute-bound trying to display very large pages. If this is a problem you have, try reducing the P4Web page content limit. This may also limit the amount of useful information you can see with P4Web but it will at least prevent your browser from swamping your workstation.

When P4Web reaches the page content limit, it sends a message for your browser to display. If you find you are seeing the page content limit message often, try increasing the limit.

The default page content limit is 1024K bytes.

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