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2007.2 - October 17, 2007

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For details about using P4Web, see the P4Web documentation on the Perforce Web site or consult the embedded help files.



P4Web may now be installed as a Windows service or as a regular application on a Windows machine. Each Windows install option will configure P4Web differently:

Latest Changes

New Functionality in Release 2007.2

Bugs fixed in 2007.2

P4Web no longer experiences intermittent slowdowns on some Windows systems. (Bug #25526)
If P4Web detects a fatal error condition due to a catastrophic fstat failure, it now displays a helpful diagnostic message before crashing. Unfortunately, the error is so severe that there is no way to recover; furthermore P4Web will need to be restarted after the error condition (e.g.non-writeable HOME directory) has been fixed. This problem will occur if the p4 tickets file cannot be successfuly written. (Bug #25691)
The -L output is now correct if the URL contain a % character. The % was being lost and it appearded as tho the URL was being corrupted and causing problems. But only the displayed output was wrong - the internal URL was always correct. (Bug #25523)
If the first or last line of a file is added or changed, the P4Web diff output is now correct. (Bug #25112, #25115)
In the 2 pane diff, if a change is followed one line later by an add, the output is now correct. (Bug #25146)
P4Web diff now correctly handles a diff in the last line of a file. (Bug #24986)
P4Web no longer crashes if you give a raw P4 command more than 125 arguments. P4Web displays an error message and the command is not run. (Bug #24969)
The Redisplay button on Pending Changelists has been moved below the list of files (rather than just above that list) to ensure correct display if the changelist exceeds the page content limit. (Bug #24977)
In the Jobs list, descriptions containing right or left carets are now displayed correctly. (Bug #24843)
The two-pane diff now correctly handles the case where a block of text is inserted at the beginning of a file. (Bug #24840)
Browser with authorization (-B) now has a logout button. Browse without authorization (-b) continues to omit the logout button. (Bug #24773)
The revision numbers have been reversed in the Diff2 revisions icon's alt-text and the corresponding Diff header so they now match the diff2 command that was run. (Bug #24677)
Memory leak fixed. (Bug #23779)
Security has been improved by running p4 login on all commands that come from a browser on a different machine than P4Web, if login is required and the server is version 2004.1 or higher. (Bug #17022)
P4Web no longer crashes if given an invalid P4CHARSET value. (Bug #23554)
P4Web no longer crashes if there is no POST data when processing a raw p4 command. (Bug #23800)
For security purposes, the client's Root, AltRoots and Owner fields are read-only when editing a client using a browser that is not running on the same computer as P4Web. (No Job)
If connected to a Unicode server, P4Web now passes the -C value when spawning p4 resolve. (Bug #23859)
P4Web no longer enables the current user to use a workspace owned by another user if the browser is not on the same computer as P4Web. This restriction does not apply to P4Web browse-only instances (-b and -B flags) of course. (No Job)
If an interactive resolve fails because the DISPLAYenvironment variable is not set, P4Web displays an error message instead of going into an infinite loop. (Bug #23871)
P4Web no longer allows remote users to use or edit a workspace that has a root that is the same as P4Web's current working directory. This fix prevents someone from switching to an non-existent client name and then editing it, thereby gaining access outside of the union of their own client roots. (Bug #23881)
For security purposes, a remote user cannot change a file's Perforce filetype to symlink. (Bug #23896)
Right and left carets and the pipe symbol are no longer allowed in raw p4 command strings. (Bug #23933)
The URL "http://localhost:8080/?ac=20" no longer causes P4Web to spawn a thread that hangs. (Bug #23972)
You cannot use the raw p4 print command with wildcards in P4Web. (Bug #23974)
You cannot use a remote connection to run a raw p4 reopen command and change a file into a symlink. (Bug #24010)
P4Web now displays the new "Senseless juxtaposition of wildcards" message from the server. (Bug #24036)
P4Web no long mixes raw output from running raw p4 commands with HTML tags if an error occurs. (Bug #23932)
In browse-only mode, the (non-functioning) Edit button at the bottom of specification forms has been removed. (Bug #24267)
The RSS 2.0 feed on the Jobs pane now includes the visible fields that you have filtered for. (Bug #24309)

New Functionality in Release 2006.2

Bugs fixed in 2006.2

P4Web no longer crashes if given an invalid P4CHARSET value. (Bug #23554)
The P4Web logout button is not available when P4Web is run in browse only mode (-b or -B). (Bug #23421)
The environment variable P4WEBROBOTS can be used to point to any file in the depot to user for robots.txt requests. It must point to a file using depot syntax. If it is not set, the path used is //depot/robots.txt. (Bug #23232)
The link for the header on the RSS chagelist page now contains the path information. (Bug #23206)
The toolbar icons in P4Web have been padded with additional space and also have had separators added where appropriate. (Bug #22876)
The environment variable P4WEBRSSAUTHOR can be used to set the <author> field of a P4Web RSS feed.

By default, P4Web outputs the [email protected] (changes) or user (jobs) as the author. However the RFC 822 standard indicates that the <author> field should contain a valid email address. However getting the associated uer's email address would entail running p4 users for every RSS request doubling the load on the server. To avoid this extra overhead, the [email protected] or user is output as the author - but this is not valid and causes problems with some RSS readers.

Therefore the new environment variable P4WEBRSSAUTHOR can be used to force a valid email address into the author field. Set P4WEBRSSAUTHOR to the email of the person responsible for the P4Web instance. If P4WEBRSSAUTHOR is not set, P4Web displays [email protected] and user. (Bug #22216)

The Jobs RSS feed dates have been changed to RFC 822 standard.
for example <pubDate>Fri, 2006/09/15 08:19:53 EDT</pubDate>
has become <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2006 08:19:53 EDT</pubDate> (Bug #22215)
P4Web now returns the 200 OK response for its RSS feeds. (Bug #21808)
P4Web now correctly displays the Workspace Mode for clients with top level roots (e.g. / or C:\). (Bug #21980)
When a user describes a changelist from the Fixes portion of a Job and the changelist is discovered to be a pending change, P4Web adds a "Status: pending" line to the output. If not in browse only mode, P4Web makes the word "pending" clickable so it takes you to the editable version of the changelist under the Pending tab. (Bug #15069)
P4Web no longer offers to let you change your password in authenticated viewer mode (-B). If you attempt to use an instance of P4Web running in -B mode and enter a wrong password, you should click the Logout icon and then try logging in again. (Bug #21871)
If the maximum number of submitted changelists is not provided when generating an RSS feed for Submitted Changelists, a maximum of 125 is used. This prevents buffer overflow and crashing of P4Web. (Bug #21846)
P4Web now runs "p4 login" whenever it needs to authenticate user & password for a server that supports the login command. (Bug #21625)
File tab Filter -> "Changed Unopened Files" now works correctly. (Bug #20792)
P4Web no longer fills in Select Fields that are not required; it generates a blank choice and sets the initial selection to that. (Bug #19470)
"[Click here for job field descriptions]" in the Job Edit Form no longer wraps. (No Job)
P4Web now correctly generates the <'?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"ISO-8859-1\"?> header for its RSS feeds. (Bug #21811)
P4Web now generates the <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"/> header element when the charset is Unicode. (Bug #18118)
File tab Filter -> "Opened Unchanged Files" now works correctly. (Bug #20791)
Files tab -> "Files missing from workspace" now works correctly. (Bug #20793)
The "Unsynched files" filter now correctly shows the files that need syncing. (Bug #20794)
When a file whose filetype includes +l is already opened, P4Web now displays the icon with a lock subicon. (Bug #20999)
In certain cases, P4Web would generate an invalid URL and hence invalid XML for its RSS feeds. This has been fixed. (Bug #21792)
When you set a filter in the Files view of p4web, subfolders that do not contain files matching the filter are no longer displayed. (Bug #18121)
The P4Web help page "P4Web User Guide - Using the File view" has been cleaned up so that the icons are displayed and the links work. (Bug #20706)
Using 'View Changelist' from the 'Sync to Changelist' pane now works correctly. (Bug #18826)
P4Web now correctly handles a malformed "p4 command input" that ends in a / character. (Bug #20638)

New Functionality in Release 2006.1

Bugs fixed in 2006.1

Added support for old filetype names. (Bug #19129)
The number of lines shown in the Jobs pane "Visible fields:" selecton box has been increased. This prevents the scrollbar from disappearing on some browsers. (Bug #19827)

New Functionality in Release 2005.2

Bugs fixed in 2005.2

MS Internet Explorer and Mozilla based browsers (e.g. Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape) block file:// URLs from P4Web (for security reasons file:// URLs are blocked unless the HTML page is on a local file system). This causes the Workspace: link in the Revision History to no longer work when clicked.

To workaround this restirction right click the Workspace: link and Copy Shortcut to the clipboard. Then press F6 and Ctrl+V to paste the copied Shortcut into the Address field and press Enter to view the local file.

New Functionality in Release 2005.1

Bugs fixed in 2005.1

P4Web run as a Windows service now honors the P4MERGE services registry entry to launch the specified program from an interactive resolve when the "merge" option is chosen. (Bug #17137)
P4Web run as a Windows service now supports interactive resolve. (Bug #16226, #16263)
URLs containing leading spaces are now handled correctly by P4Web. Specifically any relative links (such as Revision History) containing leading spaces will not lose the leading space when expanded to its full URL. (Bug #16510)
P4Web in Standard Mode will no longer honor P4PASSWD when run against a secure (4.2+) server with a security level < 2. (Bug #16477)
P4Web is now able to operate with a unicode server (Bug #4455, #15992)
The workspace file link on the File State page is now always displayed when in workspace mode even when the file is not in the depot. (Bug #16074)
Now more than one P4Web service can be run simultaneously on the same machine. (Bug #15687, #15690)

New Functionality in Release 2004.2

Bugs fixed in 2004.2

The Description field text of the Label, Client and Branch Specification pages render using original formatting instead of being wrapped to fit the size of the table fields. (Bug #14635)
The subnavigation menus from the Integrate Using Branch and Sync Workspace to Label pages now work correctly. (No job)
P4Web no longer crashes when clicking on a link to a label, branch, client, user or job name which has a leading '/'. (Bug #14513)
The Description field of the Submitted Changelists page now shows the full text of the description. (Bug #13683, #8184)
The Open for Edit and Change Filetype pages now show the type of the file(s) at the head revision. The Change Filetype page will also show the opened type if that differs from the head type. (Bug #12144)
Now all filters on the Depot Tree page honor the "Show only files in client view" setting. (Bug #14100, #14348)
The Change Filetype page now has a select dropdown menu, checkboxes and radio buttons to allow the user to select from any of the supported filetypes, modifiers and format revisions. This set of options is also available from the Open for Edit and Open for Add pages. (Bug #3342, #12143, #12327)
The Depot/Workspace Tree pages have a checkbox to include subfolders in the Files Matching pattern. (Bug #14099)
The Settings page now has an option to allow the user to configure the diff output format used for all diff and diff2 commands used by the current P4Web session. (Bug #8448)
Some Filter options for the Workspace/Depot Tree pages have been re-worded. Specifically:
Old wording: New wording:
Current path files and open files No filter
Current path files Hide files in subfolders
Open files Opened files
Open files - all clients Opened files - all clients
Open unchanged files Opened unchanged files
(Bug #14100)
The Filter options on the Workspace Tree page now match the Filter options on the Depot Tree page. Although these pages are now consistent with each other, Workspace Tree will never show files opened for delete as these files do not exist in the workspace. (Bug #12069)
The Files Matching pattern will "stick" until it is unset from either the Tree Filter form or the Submitted Changelists form. (Bug #12149)
P4Web has an input field for quick navigation to a new path from any page. (Bug #13682, #12784)
P4Web can handle filenames with '@#%*' characters if the server is 2004.2 or later. (No job)
P4Web now honors the P4DIFF and P4MERGE environment variables, and will launch external applications specified by these environment variables if the browser and P4Web are running on the same machine. (Bug #5307, #6052)
P4Web now uses 'p4 login' internally to handle authentification if the server is 2004.2 or later. (No Job)
P4Web may now be run as a service on Windows machines. (Bug #8425)

Minor New Functionality in Release 2003.2

Bugs fixed in 2003.2

P4Web is more robust when parsing invalid URLs. Specifically, if a request requires form data, P4Web should no longer crash if form data does not exist. This scenario can only occur if the user manually enters random values into the URLs. (Bug #14963)
The P4Web Viewer no longer crashes when trying to change configuration settings. (Bug #14464)
The Submitted Changelists page no longer erroneously displays pending numbered changelists in addition to submitted changelists when the current path is //. (Bug #13465)
The result page from the "Sync to Head" shortcut no longer displays the title "Unknown Command Status". (Bug #13272)
Changelist descriptions are now displayed using a fixed-width font instead of a variable-width font so that any columnar data will line up correctly. (Bug #12981)
Hyperlinks from P4Web containing colons are no longer incorrectly truncated. (Bug #13135)
P4Web now correctly generates links to files and directories which contain high-order ASCII characters. (Bug #13296, #4582)
All fields of the Job Specification page now use the same font. In previous 03.2 beta releases, the font used to display the Description field differed from the rest of the fields on the page. (Bug #12921)
All text fields in the Job Specification page now have their original formatting preserved. Previously word wrapping and and paragraph filling were enabled in all text fields except for fields 105 (Description), 115 and 117. (Bug #12833)
Now http URLs embedded in the Description fields of changelists and jobs are treated as hyperlinks. (Bug #10850, #12790)
P4Web now properly displays an error on the Depot Tree View when the user does not enter the correct password. This bug was only present in the 03.2 beta version of P4Web. (Bug #12846)
The ability to view changed unopened files has been restored to the 03.2 release of P4Web. This menu option was missing only from the 03.2 beta version of P4Web. Now this menu option is in the File Filter of the Depot Tree View. (Bug #12832)
The Sync to Head menu items have been removed from the Depot Tree and File View submenus because it was too easy to accidentally sync when using a javascript-enabled browser. Now users can still easily perform that task using the "Sync..." menu option or the Sync toolbar button. (Bug #12568)
Job names with embedded spaces are now handled correctly. (Bug #11876)
The User Specification page now has an Edit button when displaying the specification for the current user. The Client Specification page also has an Edit button when displaying the specification for the current client. (Bug #7218, #12298)
P4Web no longer crashes or shows incorrect results when trying to access a label, branch, job, changelist, user or client in workspace mode when the entity's name matches a root directory on the machine running P4Web. (Bug #12321)
P4Web now generates Revision History on files in workspace mode by default if the file is in the depot. (Bug #12003)
P4Web no longer ignores the "use integrated changelists" option when filtering submitted changelists by user or client. (Bug #11892)
P4Web's Setting page now allows the user to enable the browser to cache its pages. (Bug #11860)
P4Web now uses icons and toolbar buttons which are more consistent with the other Perforce graphical user interfaces. (Bug #5220, #7030, #11468)
Button placement has been improved. The buttons on the subnavigation menus are displayed as expected (to the right of the select menus). Buttons on forms are displayed at the bottom of the page. (Bug #3422)
The Depot View (formerly Path Browser) page now displays a file filter. This filter may be used to set various options previously available only via the Settings page (such as Show deleted files). Also, this filter is used to select a subset of files from the current directory (such as unsynced files, opened files, etc). (Bug #9463, #10289)
The Revision History (formerly File Browser) page now displays its links in a less confusing manner. (Bug #11794)
The Run, Show and Goto menus in P4Web have been replaced by a new menu structure. The main categories roughly match those used by P4Win and P4V, and are implemented as tabs. Each tab may have additional subnavigation selection menus as needed. (Bug #3419, #4427, #4441, #11468, #10289)
P4Web's Information pane at the top of each page now incorporates the current path, links to edit the current client and current user, and a link to a new Information page. (Bug #10286, #11468)
Launching the editor from P4Web would cause the browser to hang (i.e. not finish painting the page) until the editor exited. This has been fixed. (Bug #11221)
P4Web no longer elicits "too many rows scanned" errors at the top of a depot tree display with extremely large depots. (Bug #9099, #9252)

Minor New Functionality in Release 2003.1

Bugs fixed in 2003.1

P4Web no longer crashes upon startup on Cygwin 1.3.2. (Bug #10274)
P4Web no longer crashes when trying to display a page that only contains an error message. (Bug #11767)
Documentation for installing P4Web on Mac OS 10.x has been clarified. (Bug #10466, #10939)
P4Web now always sends at least the HTTP status header line for every page it renders. (Bug #10661, #10898)
P4web now supports spec formatting changes internal to the 2003.1+ Perforce Server.
P4Web now provides the capability to stop a Perforce Server command when used with 2003.1+ Perforce Servers. (Bug #4548)
Tooltips on the file state icons and shortcut buttons now work correctly for all supported browsers and platforms except for Opera 5.0 on Linux. (Bug #7803, #10661)

Major New Functionality in Release 2002.2

Bugs fixed in 2002.2

The Branch or Integrate page no longer provides an option to use indirect history to determine the base for merging. Now this option is only available by using branch with the 'indirect' option set.
Documentation regarding browsers supported by P4Web has been clarified. (Bug #9480)
P4Web now renders the Recent Activity pane more quickly when users are viewing the root directory. (Bug #9499)
P4Web now correctly renders content based on mime type for compiled html help files on Microsoft Internet Explorer. This change partially fixes job009397. (Bug #9397)
P4Web now correctly renders content based on mime type for MS Word template files. (Bug #8961)
The Revert page from the path browser now has a Preview Revert button. This functionality is only available for 2002.2+ Perforce Servers. (Bug #9154)
P4Web now issues an error if the user tries to go to workspace mode while using a null client root. (Bug #7941)
P4Web now supports the "p4 annotate" command to show file text with revision information per line. This functionality is only available for 2002.2+ Perforce Servers. (Bug #9141)
P4Web now allows users to perform diffs and resolves using the new Ignore Whitespace options. This functionality is only available for 2002.2+ Perforce Servers. (Bug #9143, #9144)
P4Web allows the user to specify the indirect option when creating or editing a branch spec. This option provides the ability to use indirect integration history for determining the base for merging. This functionality is only available for 2002.2+ Perforce Servers. (Bug #9126)
P4Web provides an option on the Branch or Integrate page for the integrate -i option. Specifically, this option supports using indirect integration history to determine the base for merging. This functionality is only available for 2002.2+ Perforce Servers. (Bug #9125)
P4Web now provides support for multiple client roots. This functionality is only available for 2002.2+ Perforce Servers. (Bug #9108)

Major New Functionality in Release 2002.1

Bugs fixed in 2002.1

The P4Web helper on MAC OSX generates an error if the browser is not running on the same machine as the helper. (No job filed)
The Run menu now has a Label option instead of a Create Label option. The new Label option allows the user to choose whether to create, edit or labelsync using a specific label. (Bug #7769)
The Labelsync page now has an option to labelsync to the head revision. The option to labelsync to a specific revision number was removed because this option is not useful when applied to multiple files. (Bug #7750)
P4Web no longer generates duplicate "client unknown" errors when the client has not been defined. Also, the Path Browser page does not generate additional directory links after that error has been reported. (Bug #7794)
The "Branch or Integrate" page, formerly called the Integrate page, now has a link to the Branches list page. (Bug #4571)
The Jobs page now has a link at the top of the page to the form at the bottom of the page. (Bug #7728)
# 32878
The Delete label, branch and job confirmation pages now include links to the appropriate detail pages. (Bug #7795)
The forms in the Run menu do not present redundant file selection options when the current path is at the head of the depot tree. (Bug #7064)
The Sync page now contains a separate option to sync to a changelist. Now the Sync menu options from the Path Browser, Label Detail and Changelist Detail pages display the same Sync form with the appropriate options selected based on context. (Bug #7734)
P4Web now provides a more useful error and a link to retry the connection when the user fails to connect due to a username/password error. (Bug #7791)
P4Web now correctly renders content based on mime type for Visio and MS Project files. (Bug #7833)
The "Show Depot File in Browser" and the revision links on the File Browser page now render files containing more than one period using the correct mime type. (Bug #7834)
The P4Web viewer generates a password error when the password used by the viewer is missing or incorrect. (Bug #7773)
The default selection for most Run menu forms is now "Selected Files" instead of "Files in path". Only the Sync form still uses "Files in path". This helps protect the user from unintentionally performing an operation on all files in a path. (Bug #7631)
The integrate form allows the user to prevent automatic sync to head revision. This option is only available with 2002.1 Perforce Servers (and beyond). (Bug #7630)
Paths in workspace mode are now displayed correctly with Opera 6.0 when P4Web is running on NT. (Bug #7532)
The -P option to set the password now generates a warning when used incorrectly. The -P flag can only be used when P4Web is invoked without authentication (ie with the -b flag). (Bug #7587)
The Path and File Browser pages no longer erroneously display the "not in client view" icon when a file is opened for branch from a remote depot. Now they correctly display the "opened for branch" icon. (Bug #7523)
The Path and File Browser pages no longer erroneously display the "not in sync" icon when a file is unmapped. Now it correctly displays the "not in client view" icon. (Bug #7523)
The Submitted Changelists form now unsets the pattern value correctly when the user clears the field. (Bug #7517)
Removing all files (with 'rmdir' set in the clientspec) from a directory in workspace mode and switching back to the path browser now shows the path to the missing directory so you can navigate out of it. This feature didn't always work on non-NT systems. (Bug #7399)
Submit now provides the option to reopen files after they have been submitted. (Bug #7509)
The Submitted Changelists form no longer loads the "changelists up to" text box with the highest changelist by default, as this behavior interferes with setting a useful bookmark. (Bug #7497)
Launch editor on Unix does not automatically launch an xterm instance with the editor when the DISPLAY environment is set. (Bug #7201)
Launch editor now works correctly when the P4EDITOR variable has more than one word. (Bug #7322)
The Integrate form from the Path Browser no longer appends "/..." to the path unless it is required. (Bug #7223)
Files opened for add that were deleted at the head revision are now visible in the path browser even when the Show Deleted Files setting is turned off. (Bug #7235)
The Open for Add form now includes files deleted at the head revision in the list of files to add. (Bug #7196)
The Submitted Changelists form allows the user to filter changelists by user and/or by client. This feature is only available if the Perforce Server is 2002.1 or later. (Bug #6948)
The Changelist Detail page now has menu options to sync all files to changelist, sync only files in changelist, and show fixes in changelist. (Bug #5787)
The Show button on the Submitted Changelists page now works correctly with all supported browsers. (Bug #7123)
In workspace mode on the Mac, files no longer are displayed as directories. (Bug #7007)
To improve performance, files selected in the Selected Files field of the Run menu forms are sent to the Perforce Server using client syntax. (Bug #7011)
The File Browser page shows all three file mappings when used with a 2002.1 or later Perforce Server. (Bug #3383)
Show the [email protected] that has a file opened in the path browser only if the file is opened in the current client by a different user. (Bug #5282, #6018)
P4Web allows the user to suppress the display of opened files in the path browser. (Bug #5796)
The File Browser page now shows the user who has the file locked if the file is locked by another user. This feature is only available if the Perforce Server is 2002.1 or later. (Bug #6577)
P4Web now has improved mime type detection for displaying file content. (Bug #4090, #4446, #5071)
Pressing the Redisplay button on the Edit Pending Changelist form does not cause the Opera 5.12 browser to hang. (Bug #6624)
The "Open for add" Run menu option is now always available from the File Browser page. (Bug #5513)
Redisplay buttons on forms now work correctly on Netscape when user is in workspace mode. (Bug #6632)
Labels List now allows users to show labels with files in the current path. (Bug #4897)
Edit Pending Changelist and Submit forms now have ability to allow user to check or uncheck all files in the list. (Bug #3432)
Action is now displayed for each file in the Revert form. (Bug #5476)
Forms from the Run menu now give user the ability to check or uncheck all files in the list. (Bug #3432)
The default page content limit is now displayed in the Settings page. (Bug #5436)
File Browser now shows depot path of file when in Workspace mode. (Bug #5772)
P4Web no longer generates spurious Perforce Server error messages in the log. (Bug #6085)
Forms which present choices relevant to the current user now correctly check case of user name, based on Perforce Server case sensitivity. (Bug #6017)

Major New Functionality in Release 2001.1

Bugs fixed in 2001.1

Files displayed or run by browser are exempt from page content limit. (Bug #6439)
Support for "integrate -t" added. (Bug #5848)
No longer attempts to run xterm on Mac OS. (Bug #5819)
Support for changing current client in Viewer restored. (Bug #5755)
Workspace browsing available via "Go To", not "Go To->Settings." (Bug #5614)
"Resolve preview" window no longer closes instantly. (Bug #5668)
Fixed "Launch editor" warnings. (Bug #5631)
"Launch editor" now can create new file. (Bug #5615)
Files opened for add appear in the Path Browser even if directories haven't been created yet. (No Job)
Workspace mode shows only current path contents instead of "phantom" new files in subdirectories. (Bug #5564)
Corrected "Add" page for unmapped paths. (Bug #5524)
Corrected help file link on "Open File for Add" page. (Bug #5523)
Submitted Changelists fixed for workspace mode. (Bug #5519)
Empty workspace root no longer causes error. (Bug #5495)
The File Browser page no longer displays a link to workspace files that don't exist. (Bug #5483)
Displaying empty file content doesn't cause browser errors. (Bug #5471)
"Show deleted files" preference works with directories containing only deleted files. (Bug #5196)
Directories with only deleted files no longer appear in a P4Web Viewer's Path Browser unless "Show deleted files" is in effect. (Bug #5240)
Attempts to add previously deleted file no longer cause error. (Bug #5142)
"Launch Editor" doesn't crash when attempting to edit file that doesn't exist. (Bug #5298)
"Pending changelist" page shows only the files opened by the current user so that files opened by another user won't be included in a "Submit." (Bug #4689, #4705)
Edit Pending Changelist and Submit Default Changelist now use same form. (Bug #5278)
Revert buttons on Submit/Edit Pending Changelist forms now work correctly with default changelist. (Bug #5143)
Can now revert changelists (Bug #4786)
The "Entire depot/Client view" preference is no longer listed in the Show menu, because it's now available in "Go To->Settings" and in a shortcut button. (Bug #5418)
P4Web Viewer now allows "Client view only" preference. (Bug #4864)
Client view page now has a link to make that client the current client. (Bug #4058)
Client edit form has a larger views field. (Bug #4597)
Client syntax can be used in a Path Browser URL. (Bug #5238)
Submitted changelists page now accepts user-selectable changelist range and file matching pattern. (Bug #4022, #4404)
P4Web now shuts down properly when "Shut Down" is chosen from the "Special" menu on the Mac. (Bug #5156)
The Mac doesn't crash after waking up from sleep while running P4Web. (Bug #3646)
On the Mac, P4Web no longer includes "invisible" system-generated files (e.g. "icon " and ".DS_Store") when listing files to open for add. (Bug #4945)
P4Web now accommodates "%" and other special characters in filenames passed in URLs. (Bug #4993)
[email protected],@rev2 in URL can be used to show a Submitted Changelists page for that file and revision range. (Bug #4891)
Interactive resolve now works correctly when selecting individual files. (Bug #5202)
Filelog page now gives links to file text at each revision. (Bug #4681)
Filelog page now gives links to File Browser page for files integrated to/from the current file. (Bug #4057)
Path browser at depot root level now shows all depots, including depots that do not contain any files. (Bug #4472)
P4Web displays improved error message at startup when P4Web port is already in use. (Bug #5153)

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