P4Web Release 2012.1 User Guide
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Adding New Files to a Perforce Depot

To add new files to a Perforce depot, first you "open them for add", then you submit them. Files opened for add aren't sent to the depot until you submit your pending changelist. The files must be present in your workspace to be submitted. If you decide you don't want to submit the files after all, use the revert command to remove them from your pending changelist.

Files can only be opened for add if:

There are two ways to open files for add:

Selecting Open for add... takes you to the page where you select files to add. Enter a list of files you want to add, or have P4Web scan your workspace looking for files to add.

After you have selected the files to add, click Continue. Next, on the Open for Add page, verify the files you selected and choose options for how they will be opened. After choosing your options, click the Open for add button.

The Open for add command doesn't create new files. It just lists new files in a pending changelist. You can create the new files before or after you run open for add. (However, you don't have to worry about filetype selection if you create them before running open for add.)

"Open for Add" options

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