Patching Projects

To share work without checking in changes, you can create patches, which are files that encode the changes made to a selected set of files. The resulting patch file can be applied by other users who want to see and try your changes. (The Perforce shelving feature is another way to share work without checking it in.)

To create a patch file from a project that you have edited:

  1. Context-click the desired project or resource and choose Team>Create Patch.The Create Patch wizard is launched.
  2. Specify the location where the patch is to be saved (clipboard, file system or Eclipse workspace).
  3. Adjust the precise content and format of the patch as desired.
  4. Click Finish.

You can send the resulting file to other developers who are working on the project, and they can apply the patch file to view and test your changes.

To apply a patch:

  1. Context-click the project and choose Team>Apply Patch.
  2. Browse to the patch file and apply it.

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