P4V shortcuts

Locating specifications and files

To go directly to a specification (such as a changelist, user, or label), choose Edit>Go To... and enter the name of the desired specification.

To locate a file in the depot or your workspace, choose Edit>Find File... Enter the desired path, select All Depots or Workspace, and click Find.

To list submitted changelists that contain a specific file or folder: display the Submitted Changelists pane and toggle the Link button on. In the depot pane, browse to the desired files or folders. The Submitted Changelist pane is automatically filtered to list only changelists containing the selected file or folder.

Drag and Drop

P4V supports drag-and-drop shortcuts for common tasks, as described below. To enable or disable drag-and-drop file integration or diffing, choose Tools>Preferences and set the desired option on the General tab.

Shortcut Keys

(Macintosh users: use for CTRL)
Display pending changelists CTRL+1
Display submitted changelists CTRL+2
Display branches CTRL+3
Display labels CTRL+4
Display workspaces CTRL+5
Display jobs CTRL+6
Select all objects CTRL+A
Copy text CTRL+C
Diff selected file CTRL+D
Check out file CTRL+E
Close the current window CTRL+F4
Go to a specification CTRL+G
Display server information in log window CTRL+I
Lock files CTRL+L
Create new specification CTRL+N
Open a new connection CTRL+O
Print selected item CTRL+P
Revert selected files CTRL+R
Display Adminstration Tool CTRL+SHIFT+A
Get latest revision CTRL+SHIFT+G
Display Revision Graph of selected file CTRL+SHIFT+R
Display Time-lapse Display CTRL+SHIFT+T
Display revision history of selected file/folder CTRL+T
Unlock files CTRL+U
Paste text CTRL+V
Close the current window CTRL+W
Cut text CTRL+X
Redo last edit CTRL+Y
Undo last edit CTRL+Z
Submit selected changelist CTRL+S