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Perforce 2012.1: Command Reference

p4 changes
List submitted and pending changelists.
p4 [g-opts] changes [-i -t -l -L -f -c client -m max -s status -u user] [file[RevRange]...]
Use p4 changes to view a list of submitted and pending changelists. When you use p4 changes without any arguments, all numbered changelists are listed. (The default changelist is never listed.)
By default, the format of each line is:
Change num on date by user@client [status] description
If you use the -t option to display the time of each changelist, the format is:
Change num on date hh:mm:ss by user@client [status] description
The status value appears only if the changelist is pending or shelved. The description is limited to the first 31 characters unless you provide the -L flag for the first 250 characters, or the -l flag for the full description.
If you provide file patterns as arguments, the changelists listed are those that affect files matching the patterns, whether submitted or pending.
Revision specifications and revision ranges can be included in the file patterns. Including a revision range lists all changes that affect files within the range; providing a single revision specifier lists all changes from 1 to the specified revision.
Use the -c client and -u user flags to limit output to only those changelists made from the named client workspace or the named user.
Use the -s status flag to limit output to only those changelists with the provided status (pending, shelved, or submitted) value.
Administrators can use the -f flag to view restricted changelists.
You can combine flags and file patterns to substantially limit the changelists that are displayed. You can also use the -m max flag to further limit output to max changes.
The command p4 changelists is an alias for p4 changes.
-c client
-m max
-s status
-u user
Usage Notes
Can File Arguments Use
Revision Specifier?
If p4 changes is called with multiple file arguments, the sets of changelists that affect each argument are evaluated individually. The final output is neither combined nor sorted; the effect is the same as calling p4 changes multiple times, once for each file argument.
If files are not specified, p4 changes limits its report according to whether or not changes are public or restricted. Restricted submitted or shelved changes are not reported unless you either own the change or have list permission for at least one file in the change. Restricted pending (but unshelved) changes are visible only to the change owner.
Show the last five submitted changelists that include any file under the project directory
Show the last five submitted changelists from client workspace eds_elm.
Show the last five submitted changelists from user edk.
Show any changelists that include file file.c, as mapped to the depot through the client view, during the month of May 2000.
Output a single line showing the changelist number of the last submitted changelist.
Display all changelists submitted from April 1, 2001 to the present.
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Perforce 2012.1: Command Reference
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