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Perforce 2012.1: Command Reference

For the Perforce server, and Perforce Proxy, the port number on which it listens.
For Perforce client programs, the protocol, host and port number of the Perforce server or proxy with which to communicate. Valid communications protocols are tcp (plaintext over TCP/IP) or ssl (SSL over TCP/IP).
If you are using SSL to connect to the the Perforce server, the fingerprint of the Perforce server must match that stored in the P4TRUST file. (When you connect to a new Perforce server for the first time, the server's fingerprint is displayed. If it matches the one your administrator has assigned it, you may safely connect to the server by using the p4 trust command to add the server to your P4TRUST file.)
Usage Notes
Used by
Used by
Can be set in P4CONFIG file?
p4 -p protocol:host:port cmd
Value if not Explicitly Set
The format of P4PORT on the Perforce client is protocol:host:port, or port by itself if both the Perforce client and server are running on the same host. Port numbers must be in the range 1024 through 32767.
If you specify both an IP address and a port number in P4PORT, the Perforce server ignores requests from any IP addresses other than the one specified in P4PORT.
If you do not specify a protocol, transmissions between Perforce client software and the Perforce server are performed in plaintext.

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Perforce 2012.1: Command Reference
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