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Perforce 2012.3: P4Sandbox User's Guide

Preface About This Manual
Command line client versus graphical client applications
Getting started with Perforce
Perforce documentation
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Chapter 1 Overview
Features and functionality
P4Sandbox stream architecture and components
Implementation configurations and restrictions
Merge down and copy up paradigm
Local stream conflict resolution
Connected P4Sandbox copy restrictions
P4Sandbox usage
Task stream creation
Automatic and manual shelving
Changes and changelist submission
Differences between using p4 and P4V
Functional differences
Directory differences
P4Sandbox administration
See also
Chapter 2 Setting Up P4Sandbox
Installing P4Sandbox
P4Sandbox installer and behavior
P4Sandbox installation components
Verifying the installation directory structure
Creating a P4Sandbox
Using p4
Using the configuration wizard
Verifying the connection
Using p4
Using a graphical client application
Removing a P4Sandbox
Issuing p4sandbox delete
Uninstalling a P4Sandbox
Chapter 3 Using P4Sandbox with the Command-Line Client
P4Sandbox-specific commands
Additional p4 commands
Modified p4 commands
Using P4Sandbox commands
TCP connection requirement
Prohibited mirror stream update commands
Invalid commands
Accessing help
Starting a P4Sandbox
Working in a specific client write mode
Merging down changes from the shared service
Updating P4Sandbox with shared service changes
Updating only the mirror stream with shared service changes
Copying up changes to the shared service
Resolving a copy up that has conflicts
Working with streams
Adding a task stream
Viewing stream information
Switching between streams
Copying changes between task streams
Deleting a task stream
Working with shelving
Shelving and unshelving in-progress work
Deleting a shelf
Viewing shelf information
Reviewing file and directory information
Determining files in your workspace
Stopping a P4Sandbox
See also
Chapter 4 Using P4Sandbox with the P4V Integration
Starting a P4Sandbox
Working in a specific client write mode
Understanding P4Sandbox Stream Graph elements
Verifying P4Sandbox streams workspace setting
Using the context menus
Merging down changes from the shared service
Copying up changes to the shared service
Adding a task stream
Copying changes among task streams
Merging down changes between task streams
Removing a task stream
Switching streams and shelving work
Resolving pending tasks
Closing a P4Sandbox connection
Stopping a P4Sandbox
Deleting a P4Sandbox
See also
Chapter 5 Administering P4Sandbox
Understanding prohibited and unnecessary tasks
Managing your P4Sandbox: user tasks
Editing the file pulling interval
Performing miscellaneous tasks using p4
Configuring Unicode mode
Managing jobspecs and jobs
Supporting P4Sandbox: backup and recovery
Managing P4Sandbox users: Perforce Administrator tasks
Chapter 6 Troubleshooting P4Sandbox
Localhost connection error
P4Sandbox does not relaunch in P4V
P4Sandbox and P4V password issue
Cannot copy up files
Files shelved to an incorrect stream
p4 print method
Zip method
Appendix A P4Sandbox Command Reference
Extended p4 commands
p4 admin stop
p4 copy
p4 copyup
p4 counter
p4sandbox delete
p4sandbox init
p4 integrate
p4sandbox list
p4 merge
p4 mergedown
p4 populate
p4 pull
p4 remote
p4 remotes
p4 shelve
p4sandbox start
p4sandbox stop
p4 submit
p4 switch
Comparing Git and P4Sandbox commands
Command and concept equivalencies
Task equivalencies
Client mode dependent commands
See also
Appendix B Glossary

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Perforce 2012.3: P4Sandbox User's Guide
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