About This Manual

This guide tells you how to administer and use Perforce Git Fusion.

This guide is intended for people responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining a Git Fusion integration with their organization’s Perforce service, and assumes that you have intermediate-level Perforce administration experience. This guide covers tasks typically performed by a system administrator (for instance, installing and configuring the software and troubleshooting issues), as well as tasks performed by a Perforce administrator (like setting up Git Fusion users and configuring Git Fusion repos).

Perforce general resources

To view all Perforce documentation:

To obtain online help from within Perforce client programs:

  • Command-line Client: Type p4 help from the command line.

  • Graphical client applications: Click Help on the main menu bar.

For more information about consulting and technical support, see these web portals:

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