Client integration

P4V and P4VS can now integrate with Swarm. To indicate how these applications should connect with Swarm, Swarm uses the P4.Swarm.URL property set in the Helix Versioning Engine.

By default, the first Swarm worker auto-detects the URL it is running under and sets P4.Swarm.URL accordingly.

For customized Swarm installations, the auto-detected URL may not use the correct hostname or port. In these scenarios, you can disable the URL auto-detection by editing the data/config.php file and setting the auto_register_url item to false in the p4 configuration block. For example:

    'p4' => array(
        'auto_register_url'  => false,

If you choose to disable this feature, you should manually set the P4.Swarm.URL property in the Helix Versioning Engine to the URL for your Swarm installation:

$ p4 property -a -n P4.Swarm.URL -v https://myswarm.url:port/

Replace https://myswarm.url:port/ with the URL for your Swarm installation.