Flex Visualization: Key Features in Elixir

Elixir Enterprise has a complete suite of GUI building block components.

3D Charts

Elixir provides a full range of 3D charts complementing the 2D charts provided by Adobe. Creating more appealing dashboards has never been easier.

Gauges and Dials

Elixir provides gauges and dials that are fully interactive and connectable to real-time data sources. Use them as-is or easily create new ones.

Vector Maps

With Elixir, it’s easy to add an intuitive map display with areas color coded to represent data. You can overlay vector maps with Flex objects (e.g., charts and labels).

Organization Charts

Get advanced employee organization charts are easy to create. With Elixir, you can include animation and zoom-level dependent information displays.

Gantt Charts

Create planning displays that show how resources, such as employees, trucks, and factories, are allocated over time. Or create project management displays.


Elixir provides innovative charts for detecting trends and outliers in large data sets. Use dynamic drill down, user-defined clustering, and segment coloring and sizing.

Radar Charts

Use compact dashboard displays to compare different key performance indicators (KPIs) between two or more entities in Elixir.


Get a full set of features, including editing, filtering, and styling events. Create one-time and recurring events. View data by day, week, workweek, month, and custom views.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Pivot Charts

Use interactive displays to represent and analyze data from multiple points of view. Get control over data exploration, drill-down, drag and drop, and animation functionality.

Heat Maps

Elixir heat maps help you visualize trends. Display how data is distributed throughout a region or any given 2D space, such as webpages.


Visualize and monitor events that occur over a span of time with Elixir. Lay out events horizontally or vertically on an axis line. Connect the timeline axis using a link or connector.


Elixir sparklines are useful for presenting variations associated with measurement. These charts (line or bar) are characterized by their small size and high data density.

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