Helix Core Is the Best Solution for Teams That Use SVN

Helix Core is the best solution for teams that use SVN. Helix Core provides answers to the challenges that come with SVN – code review, merging, release management, the list goes on. And it introduces essential features – like unmatched performance and fine-grained permissions – that are missing from other version control systems.

Do You Remember Why You Started With SVN?

Many businesses start with SVN for two main reasons:

  • It’s free.
  • It can handle large files.

But for many teams, after spending years on SVN, those reasons deteriorate.

The free part? True, you may not pay for licenses to use SVN, but you can drain company resources trying to make it work. Code management issues. Suboptimal workflows. Lack of integrations and outdated functionality. It all takes time – and money.

And handling large files? Kind of, but it doesn’t scale well.

Are Helix Core and SVN Similar?

There’s something we keep seeing in Internet forums. People make connections between Helix Core and SVN because of one similarity: They can both handle large files.

It’s true that both VCS handle large files better than Git or other versioning systems, but the similarities end there.

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