During a project, subsystem and full-chip integration plays a crucial role. Integration can be particularly challenging on large SoCs with distributed teams due to complexity of the integration process, multi-site infrastructure issues, as well as the need to collaborate across multiple time zones. Often, integrators must integrate design blocks delivered by distant teams on which they do not possess any expertise. This causes long lead times with the integration process, repeated debugging of similar issues, and a perpetual state of missing key integration milestones. With IP-centric design and the use of "IP aliases," we propose a methodology that provides a streamlined, controlled, quality-based, and transparent flow that helps teams reliably meet integration milestones and more easily debug integration issues.

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Vishal Moondhra, Helix IPLM VP Solutions

Vishal Moondhra

VP Solutions Engineering, Helix IPLM by Perforce

Vishal Moondhra, VP of Solutions Engineering for Helix IPLM, has over 20 years experience in Digital Design and Verification. He has held engineering and senior management positions with innovative startups including IgT and Montalvo, and large multinationals including Intel and Sun. In 2008, Vishal co-founded Missing Link Tools, which built the industry's first comprehensive Design Verification management solution, bringing together all aspects of verification management into a single platform. Methodics Inc. (now Helix IPLM) acquired Missing Link Tools in 2012.