In this webinar, viewers will learn about some of the most powerful features available in the Stingray GUI development suite. Join Bill Burns, Stingray Studio Product Manager, to learn about essential updates in greater detail.  This will include brief overviews of:

  • The benefits of using Stingray for GUI development for Windows
  • Brief overview on each of Stingray’s components: Objective Toolkit, Grid, Chart, Edit, and Views
  • Latest Stingray features, enhancements, and security updates
  • The future of Windows GUI development with Stingray and what users can expect in future releases
  • How Stingray fits in with the full Perforce brand and suite, and what complementary products will further accelerate your development

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Bill Burns

Bill Burns

Sr. Director of Product Development & Product Manager , Perforce

Helping developers quickly find and fix tough issues in their code so that they can create great applications is what the TotalView group at Perforce is dedicated in doing. I’m passionate about listening to the customers' needs and working with my team of talented engineers to find great solutions for helping fellow developers accelerate their development of great code.