GitSwarm-EE 2017.2-1 Documentation

Profile Preferences

Settings in the Profile > Preferences page allow the user to customize various aspects of the site to their liking.

Application theme

Changing this setting allows the user to customize the color scheme used for the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

The default is Charcoal.

Syntax highlighting theme

GitLab uses the rouge ruby library for syntax highlighting. For a list of supported languages visit the rouge website.

Changing this setting allows the user to customize the theme used when viewing syntax highlighted code on the site.

The default is White.


Default Dashboard

For users who have access to a large number of projects but only keep up with a select few, the amount of activity on the default Dashboard page can be overwhelming.

Changing this setting allows the user to redefine what their default dashboard will be. Setting it to Starred Projects will make that Dashboard view the default when signing in or clicking the application logo in the upper left.

The default is Your Projects.

Default Project view

It allows user to choose what content he or she want to see on project page.

The default is Readme.