GitSwarm-EE 2017.2-1 Documentation

Support Boot Camp

Goal: Prepare new Service Engineers at GitLab

For each stage there are learning goals and content to support the learning of the engineer. The goal of this boot camp is to have every Service Engineer prepared to help our customers with whatever needs they might have and to also assist our awesome community with their questions.

Always start with the University Overview and then work your way here for more advanced and specific training. Once you feel comfortable with the topics of the current stage, move to the next.

Stage 1

Follow the topics on the University Overview, concentrate on it during your first Stage, but also:


Aim to have a good overview of the Product and main features, Git and the Company

Stage 2

Continue to look over remaining portions of the University Overview and continue on to these topics:

Set up your development machine

Get your development machine ready to familiarize yourself with the codebase, the components, and to be prepared to reproduce issues that our users encounter

Become comfortable with the Installation processes that we support

It's important to understand how to install GitLab in the same way that our users do. Try installing different versions and upgrading and downgrading between them. Installation from source will give you a greater understanding of the components that we employ and how everything fits together.

Sometimes we need to upgrade customers from old versions of GitLab to latest, so it's good to get some experience of doing that now.

Start to learn about some of the integrations that we support

Our integrations add great value to GitLab. User questions often relate to integrating GitLab with existing external services and the configuration involved


Stage 3

Understand the gathering of diagnostics for GitLab instances

Learn about the Support process

Zendesk is our Support Centre and our main communication line with our Customers. We communicate with customers through several other channels too

Learn about the Escalation process for tickets

Some tickets need specific knowledge or a deep understanding of a particular component and will need to be escalated to a Senior Service Engineer or Developer

Learn about raising issues and fielding feature proposals


Stage 4

Advanced GitLab topics

Move on to understanding some of GitLab's more advanced features. You can make use of to understand the features from an end-user perspective and then use your own instance to understand setup and configuration of the feature from an Administrative perspective

Get initiated for on-call duty