GitSwarm-EE 2017.2-1 Documentation

Project import/export


Existing projects running on any GitLab instance or can be exported with all their related data and be moved into a new GitLab instance.

Version history

| GitLab version | Import/Export version | | -------- | -------- | | 8.17.0 to current | 0.1.6 | | 8.13.0 | 0.1.5 | | 8.12.0 | 0.1.4 | | 8.10.3 | 0.1.3 | | 8.10.0 | 0.1.2 | | 8.9.5 | 0.1.1 | | 8.9.0 | 0.1.0 |

The table reflects what GitLab version we updated the Import/Export version at. For instance, 8.10.3 and 8.11 will have the same Import/Export version (0.1.3) and the exports between them will be compatible.

Exported contents

The following items will be exported:

The following items will NOT be exported:

Exporting a project and its data

  1. Go to the project settings page by clicking on Edit Project:

    Project settings button

  2. Scroll down to find the Export project button:

    Export button

  3. Once the export is generated, you should receive an e-mail with a link to download the file:

    Email download link

  4. Alternatively, you can come back to the project settings and download the file from there, or generate a new export. Once the file available, the page should show the Download export button:

    Download export

Importing the project

  1. The new GitLab project import feature is at the far right of the import options when creating a New Project. Make sure you are in the right namespace and you have entered a project name. Click on GitLab export:

    New project

  2. You can see where the project will be imported to. You can now select file exported previously:

    Select file

  3. Click on Import project to begin importing. Your newly imported project page will appear soon.