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p4 submit


Send changes made to open files to the depot.


p4 [g-opts] submit [-r] [-s] [files]
p4 [g-opts] submit [-r] -c changelist#
p4 [g-opts] submit -i [-r] [-s]


When a file has been opened by p4 add, p4 edit, p4 delete, or p4 integrate, the file is listed in a changelist. The user's changes to the file are made only within in the client workspace copy until the changelist is sent to the depot with p4 submit.

By default, files are opened within the default changelist, but new numbered changelists can be created with p4 change. To submit the default changelist, use p4 submit; to submit a numbered changelist, use p4 submit -c changelist#.

By default, files open for edit, add, and branch are closed when submitted. Use the -r (reopen) flag if you want files reopened for edit after submission.

When used with the default changelist, p4 submit brings up a form for editing in the editor defined by the EDITOR (or P4EDITOR) environment or registry variable. Files can be deleted from the changelist by deleting them from the form, but these files will remain open in the next default changelist. To close a file and remove it from all changelists, use p4 revert.

All changelists have a Status: field; the value of this field is pending or submitted. Submitted changelists have been successfully submitted with p4 submit; pending changelists have been created by the user but not yet been submitted successfully.

p4 submit works atomically: either all the files listed in the changelist are saved in the depot, or none of them are. p4 submit fails if it is interrupted, or if any of the files in the changelist are not found in the current client workspace, are locked in another client workspace, or require resolution and remain unresolved.

If p4 submit fails while processing the default changelist, the changelist is assigned the next number in the changelist sequence, and the default changelist is emptied. The changelist that failed submission must be resubmitted by number after the problems are fixed.

Form Fields

Field Name



The change number, or new if submitting the default changelist.



Name of current client workspace.



Name of current Perforce user.



One of pending, submitted, or new. Not editable by the user.

The status is new when the changelist is created; pending when it has been created but has not yet been submitted to the depot with p4 submit, and submitted when its contents have been stored in the depot with p4 submit .



Textual description of changelist. This value must be changed.



A list of jobs that are fixed by this changelist. This field does not appear if there are no relevant jobs.

Any job that meets the jobview criteria as specified on the p4 user form are listed here by default, but can be deleted from this list.



A list of files being submitted in this changelist. Files may be deleted from this list, but may not be changed or added.


-c changelist#

Submit changelist number changelist#.

Changelists are assigned numbers either manually by the user with p4 change, or automatically by Perforce when submission of the default changelist fails.


Read a changelist specification from standard input. Input must be in the same format at that used by the p4 submit form.


Reopen files for edit in the default changelist after submission. Files opened for add or edit in will remain open after the submit has completed.


Allows jobs to be assigned arbitrary status values on submission of the changelist, rather than the default status of closed.

On new changelists, the fix status is displayed as the special status ignore. (If the status is left unchanged, the job is not fixed by the submission of the changelist.)

This option works in conjunction with the -s option to p4 fix, and is intended for use by Perforce Defect Tracking Integration (P4DTI).


See the Global Options section.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use
Revision Specifier?

Can File Arguments Use
Revision Range?

Minimal Access Level Required




The file pattern parameter to p4 submit can only be used when submitting the default changelist.


p4 submit

Submit the default changelist. The user's revisions of the files in this changelist are stored in the depot.

p4 submit -c 41

Submit changelist 41.

p4 submit *.txt

Submit only those files in the default changelist that have a suffix of .txt. Move all the other files in the default changelist to the next default changelist.

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p4 client

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