p4 interchanges


Report changes not yet integrated.


p4 [g-opts] interchanges [optionsfromFile[revRangetoFile
p4 [g-opts] interchanges [options] -b branchname [toFile[RevRange]...]
p4 [g-opts] interchanges [options] -b branchname -s fromFile[revRange]

p4 [g-opts] interchanges [options] -S stream [-P parent ][file[RevRange]]

options: -f -l -r -t -u user -F


The p4 interchanges command lists changes that have not been integrated from a set of source files to a set of target files.


-b branchname

Use the source and target as defined by the specified branch specification.

-b branchname -s fromFile[RevRange] [ToFiles...]

Preview bidirectional integrations (used by Perforce applications; see p4 integrate for details.)

-S stream [-P parent]

Display integrations pending between the stream and its parent. To treat another stream as the parent, specify -P.


List files that require integration. For partially integrated changelists, files might be listed even if they were integrated individually.


Long form: include full text of the changelist description.


Reverse source and target (that is, reverse the direction of the integration).


Display full date and time that changelist was submitted. By default, only the date is displayed.

-u user

Limit results to those submitted by the specified user.


Used with -S, ignores a stream's expected flow. It can also force it to generate a branch view based on a virtual stream; the mapping itself refers to the underlying real stream.


See the “Global Options” section.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier?

Can File Arguments Use Revision Range?

Minimal Access Level Required