December 27, 2013

12 Tips of TestTrack: Formatting Text Fields

Helix ALM
You can easily change the appearance of text and insert links, images, horizontal lines, and tables in fields that support multiple lines of text. You can also insert stamps in these fields to mark changes or comments. To format a text field, click in the field you want to format. The formatting toolbar is enabled. WysiwygEditorLabeledWeb Here's an explanation of the options: 1. Apply bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough styles to text. 2. Align text. 3. Set the font and font size. 4. Set the font color and background color. 5. Create bulleted and numbered lists. 6. Insert and edit hyperlinks, images, tables, and horizontal rules. 7. Clear text formatting and insert stamps. See Inserting stamps in text fields. 8. Open the editor in a new window. This can help if you want more space to view or edit a field with a lot of content. You can also edit the field as HTML.