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Heartbleed Update: Details for Perforce Customers

Large Files? 1,000s of Users? Lots of Locations? No problem.

More than 10,500 Organizations Entrust Their Most Valuable Assets to Perforce
  • NYSE Euronext

    See how Perforce became the software development lifecycle management tool of record for the NYSE.

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  • Disney Pixar

    Perforce versions unique environments at Pixar—from render farms to digital asset management to live production.

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  • Nvidia

    At NVIDIA, employees in the legal, human resources, operations, and engineering all rely on Perforce to manage their data.

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  • National Instruments

    National Instruments selected Perforce for four key reasons: speed, ease of use, flexibility, and cost.

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    See the critical role Perforce has played in enabling to meet their development goals.

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  • CCP Games

    CCP has built a new paradigm for large, global game development organization—with Perforce as its hub.

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  • NetApp

    NetApp stores everything from source code to Word documents to images in their comprehensive Perforce installation.

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  • Cardinal Health

    See how Cardinal Health was able to improve the productivity of developers, project managers, and testers alike.

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  • Tivo

    Tivo versions all of their source code files as well as web content and various documents and spreadsheets in Perforce.

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  • Ubisoft

    Perforce pumped up the productivity of this creative powerhouse’s 1,600 employees across three countries.

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