Why Helix Core Version Control Software?

For starters, it's the fastest version control system on seven continents.

Helix Core leverages the versioning engine that Perforce customers rely on for lightning-fast, file-level asset management. Helix Core securely manages all digital content—even large files—in a single repository, and delivers files quickly to large, distributed teams.

The Helix Version Control System also includes Helix Swarm for code review and collaboration, and a bevy of Apps and Integrations.


Looking to scale your Git environment for CI/CD? Check out Helix4Git, now available with Helix TeamHub Enterprise.

What Makes Up The Helix Version Control System?

Code review and collaboration

Desktop clients for all users

Seamless development tool chain

Now available with Helix TeamHub Enterprise

Lightning-Fast and Massively Scalable for the World's Innovators

Finally, a VCS that can keep up with you.

Key Versioning Control Software Features for Modern Development Teams

Everything you need to code continuously and at scale.

Single Source of Truth

Store any type of assets for any number of users, no file size limits

  • Easily version small and large files of any type
  • Scale to terabytes of total data
  • Support tens of 1,000s of concurrent users
  • Handle high-volume, automated environments
  • Federated architecture synchronizes global teams

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Organize projects and workflows

Workflow Freedom

Helix's native DVCS grants you and your developers unprecedented freedom to work where, when, and how you prefer:

  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Pull only the files you need
  • Lock files to prevent overwrites on binaries
  • Rename folders and files for maximum efficiency
  • Set granular file-level permissions for total control
  • Expect consistent performance as repos scale

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Work when, how, and where you want with Helix DVCS

Flexible Branching

Easily manage any project — from the simplest to the most complex:

  • Streams: Simplify and automate branching best practices
  • Task Streams: Isolate individual tasks in "lightweight branches"
  • Shelves: Safely stash work in progress on the server for reviews or task switching
  • DVCS or Centralized: Work locally or against a central trunk

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Stream Graph Visualizations

Productive Desktop Experience

Consistent experience across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux:

  • Global Visibility: See which files are checked out and by whom
  • File Locking: Prevent others from overwriting your binary files
  • Powerful Search: Scan your entire repository for any content
  • Visual Tools: Time lapse, revision graphs, and P4Merge. Learn more.
  • Diffs: Folder, text, and image diffs to compare history

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Helix Core Desktop Experience

Security and Protection

Unified, flexible, fine-grained access control with complete traceability:

  • Authenticate with LDAP, Active Directory, and other sources
  • Control access at the file level by user, IP address, or path
  • Maintain per-file access logs for audit compliance
  • Verify chain-of-custody using signatures recorded for each file
  • Undo an entire change list without losing your audit trails

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Security and Protection

DevOps Ready

Renowned for open ecosystem, and massive continuous integration/delivery scalability:

  • Out-of-box plugins for industry standard tools
  • APIs and SDKs for many programming languages
  • Field tested for > 80 million CI transactions a day
  • High performance in Helix4Git at bleeding-edge scale for CI/CT/CD

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Helix Core Integrates with your DevOps Environment

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