Helix Core for Game Development

Developers love versioning with Helix Core. We help build better games.

Helix ALM for Game Development

Modern games are complex. Luckily, Helix ALM can handle complexity.

Single Solution for Game Design

Key Features for Gaming Version Control and ALM

Helix is the must-have development tool for game design teams. And as the winner of Develop's Game Industry Excellence Award for the third-straight year, the industry agrees.


Scalable Data Management

Faster workflows with Helix Core, no matter what you throw at it — automated environments, tens of 1000’s of users, millions of daily transactions, terabytes of data — you name it. 

Large Files, All Files

Handle large files of any type with Helix Core, including code, config files, and large binaries. Developers can version everything with Helix Core, even in repos approaching 100 TB of data and 25 million files, with no impact on system performance.

Great Tool for Artists

Give designers more freedom to quickly and easily modify digital assets, make changes via a graphical interface, and integrate their preferred design tools into one solution. Helix Core is perfect for both experts and non-technical users.


Native Integrations

Integrated with Amazon Lumberyard's AAA game engine, Helix Core is the solution for major game studios. Spend more time creating amazing games and less time worrying about the work behind-the-scenes.


Industry Certified

The industry consistently chooses Helix Core to enable speed and control over game development and large projects of all file types and sizes. In return, our customers produce quality games and receive industry awards, including Develop's Studio of the Year.


Traceability of ALL Artifacts

Helix ALM tracks every requirement, bug fix, and test case that goes into your game to bring it to life. Helix Core tracks every resulting asset, from includes source code, art files, and build artifacts. If it's in your game, Helix manages it from end-to-end.

Automatic Asset Documents

Trace all project elements with Helix ALM to help teams bring it all together. Increase productivity by automatically creating and maintaining traceability matrices and documentation in minutes.

Centrally Manage All Digital Assets

Helix ALM offers insight into the impact of changes with real-time data visibility, change notifications, and gap and risk analysis. Know what you're doing before it's done.


Map Quality and Productivity

Helix ALM provides detailed reporting and metrics to keep design managers informed and developers productive. With traceability matrices and documentation in minutes, Helix helps verify progress, identify requirements, and monitor project changes.

Helix Core Is Free for Small Teams

Did you know the industry's preferred version control tool is free for teams up to 5 users and 20 workspaces? Perfect for small game studios and startups—simply download, install, and start versioning your game development assets today.

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Ubisoft Trusts Helix as a Guide

Take your game from concept to bestseller! With Helix VCS, small design teams make big games and grow their studios along the way. Manage all file types, terabytes of data, and millions of files with a solution that supports both artists and developers.


Game Development Best Practices

Helix is the industry-leading source control solution in game development, with customers of all sizes producing innovative titles year over year. But how do they do it? Read our Game Development Best Practices eBook, detailing the methods of some of the best game studios in the business.


Epic Games and Unreal Results

Helix ALM helped Epic Games produce their bestselling "Unreal" game series, blockbuster "Gears of War" franchise, and the innovative "Infinity Blade" mobile gaming release. With a diverse set of users, Epic knew Helix was the best way to track their product issues throughout development.

Helix ALM Product Traceability Guide

Automated documentation of changes and requirements brings speed and stability to your development environments. Organizations building complex products can't afford to trust costly, manual tracking solutions with so much at stake. Helix ALM can trace every relationship, every change with visibility into data for every contributor. Learn how.


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Free for Small Teams

Helix Core is free for teams up to 5 users. 

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