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Helix Core

Version Control Software

Accelerate projects with lightning-fast version control.


Agile Project Management Tool

Conquer deadlines with a flexible Agile tool.

State of Game Development

“We will see studios become more diverse, distributed, and inclusive. The gap between indie and AAA will grow larger as technical improvements continue to occur.” — Anonymous

Learn what 500 of your peers said about the future of game dev.

Why Indie Studios Love Our Game Development Software

See why four game development teams choose Perforce.

Helix Core + Hansoft for Game Development

Because you need unrivaled speed and freedom to ship better games.

Scalable Data Management

Nothing slows down Helix Core — automated environments, tens of 1,000s of users, millions of daily transactions, terabytes of data –– it handles it all.


Large Files, All Files

Version any large files with Helix Core, including code, config files, and large binaries. Developers can version everything — even in repos approaching 100 TB of data and 25 million files — with no impact on performance.


Superior Tool for Artists

Give designers freedom to version art files quickly from their preferred design tools, while keeping all project files in a single source of truth.


Native Integrations

Helix Core integrates with the most popular gaming engines, including Unreal, CRYENGINE, Lumberyard, and Unity. Spend more time creating amazing games and less time worrying about the work behind the scenes.


Industry Preferred

The game dev industry consistently chooses Helix Core for game development. It’s why 19 out of the 20 top AAA studios choose us.


20% More Efficient Planning

Hansoft is 10–100x faster than similar tools. Teams powered by Hansoft experience up to 20% increases in planning efficiency. You can change attributes and workflows on the fly.

Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrids

From concept to shipment, teams can use their favorite project management methods: Scrum, Gantt, Kanban, Waterfall, SAFe and more. For example, Gantt charts for art and sprints for code. Support, don't limit, your team’s favorite ways of working.


One Backlog That Scales

Know your scope and prevent creep. Refine, prioritize, estimate, and give any other custom attribute to your deliverables. With Hansoft, everyone finds the fun while working from a joint backlog that scales.



Dashboards for Everyone

Teams track tasks. Producers track teams. Decision makers get reporting and analytics they need. With Hansoft's custom dashboards, find out immediately when projects are in trouble so you can correct them before they delay progress.


Want to Master Game Production?

Learn from the experts. Get tips from 5 leading studios on how they organize their teams, optimize resources, and drive development for some world’s best-selling games.


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Is Your Studio the Next Ubisoft?

Take your game from concept to bestseller! With Helix Core, small design teams make big games and grow their studios along the way. Manage all file types, terabytes of data, and millions of files with a solution that supports both artists and developers.


Helix has become the central and critical tool to store everybody's work.

Our teams are getting bigger and bigger. The speed, reliability, and scalability of Helix are crucial to Ubisoft, with more than 1,000 users depending on it."

Nicolas Beaufils, Technical Architect at Ubisoft

Looking for Game Development Software?

Whether you are an indie or a large studio, you can try Helix Core + Hansoft free for five users. And as you grow, Perforce scales with you.

Helix Core

Version everything at lightning speed.


Scale Agile and boost efficiency.

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