Are Your Creative Workflows… Creative?

With Better Game Asset Management, They Don't Have To Be

Before Helix DAM

How often does your team recreate an art or other creative asset because it is easier than finding and working from one that already exists? Is your team reviewing creative assets over email or sharing through Dropbox?

DevelopersMarketingLocal MachineContracted Art TeamIn-House Art DepartmentLocal MachineProducer/ Director/DesignerVersion ControlBuild EnginesFile Shares

After Helix DAM

Helix DAM, digital asset management by Perforce, empowers teams to streamline workflows and make the most of art & game assets.

Version ControlWith Digital AssetManagementBuild EnginesDevelopersMarketingContracted Art TeamIn-House Art DepartmentProducer/ Director/Designer

Bring Your Artists & Designers into the Fold

Helix DAM is a game asset manager & more. Built on top of Helix Core, and designed for creative teams, Helix DAM provides an easy way to secure, use, review, and share creative assets. Helix DAM is designed to:

Maximize the Use of Creative Assets

Streamline the Creative Workflow

Save Teams Time and Money

Secure Creative IP

How Does Helix DAM Do It?

Every Game Asset, One Secure Location

Product Brief


Every Game Asset, One Secure Location

Built on top of Helix Core, a universal and highly secure repository, Helix DAM provides a visual web-based UI every team member can use to easily store, version, and preview any creative assets. Securing and versioning art assets has never been easier.


Promote Reuse

Auto-tagging, advanced filtered searching, and collection grouping capabilities make it easy to find an asset. Once found, assets can easily be copied or repurposed for other uses in the same project or in other projects.


Feedback Accelerated

Provide in context feedback within the browser. No more passing assets back and forth via email or DropBox, every iteration requiring new file names and contributing to the common scenario of “I am talking about the version with XYZ”.


External Collaboration

Add collaborators to projects, providing them access with only those assets they need to see. Or generate single user URLs to those who only need quick access to the assets you are working on. The easiest and most secure way to share work with your partners.

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