How to Install Helix Core Server (On-Premises)

Before you download Helix Core, review your options. Then quickly set up your Helix Core server on Linux, MacOS, or Windows.

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How to Configure Helix Core + Game Engine

Configure Helix Core to work with your Unreal or Unity game engine to see why 19 of the top 20 studios choose Helix Core version control.

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Perforce Enhanced Studio Pack

The Enhanced Studio Pack contains all the tools you need to do world-class development in a single, pre-configured environment. Use these instructions to deploy everything you need with the infrastructure required to support large projects, big files, and all your team members.

Deploy on AWSDeploy on Azure    READ FAQ

Helix Core Version Control

Helix Swarm Code Review

Helix Plan Project Management

Perforce Windows Workstations

DigitalOcean + Helix Core

DigitalOcean is Known for pricing and scalability. Teams can deploy to DigitalOcean in seconds with plans start at just $5 a month.

Setting Up Perforce Streams

Perforce Streams guides developers though branching and merging (no external tools or scripts required). It also helps automate development and release processes.

How to Set Up Streams

Before you start making changes to code, you need to set up your project. Learn how to create a Stream Depot. Then create a mainline stream and add files to start working.

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How to Start Working With Perforce Streams

Now that you have your Helix Core server setup and depot full of files, you can start branching and making changes. Start with Helix Visual Client (P4V) to gain visibility into how your code evolves.

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Setting Up Perforce Integrations

Do more with Helix Core by integrating your favorite tools with our plugins and integrations.

Helix Swarm

Remove bottlenecks and review faster with Helix Swarm — the code review tool for Helix Core. You can easily visualize changes and streamline your workflow to build products faster.

Helix Plan

Plan faster with Helix Plan (formerly Hansoft) — our Agile project management solution. It helps organizations can go from plan to product, no matter the team size or project complexity.

Need More Seats?

Helix Core is free for 5 users and up to 20 workspaces. But for teams that need more, we are here to help.

Want Help Setting Up Perforce?

Contact our professional services team to talk to experts. They can optimize your Helix Core servers for top performance.

Do More With P4V

Setting up Perforce is easy with our P4V cheat sheet.

Read the Docs

Get step-by-step instructions for Helix Core.