Why Use HostAccess For PC Terminal Emulation?

HostAccess is PC terminal emulation software. It offers a suite of terminal emulation tools for Microsoft Windows users.

This allows secure access to various platforms, including Linux, Unix, IBM, Windows, etc. The main usage of the HostAccess is to connect to PICK (multivalue) system, such as UniVerse, UniData, D3, ONware, etc., and use own package of programs written in PICK Basic. These programs provide APIs for data exchange and expansive GUI capabilities. 

You should use HostAccess for PC terminal emulation to:


Increase host user productivity.


Standardize on one terminal emulation solution.

Integrated Environment

Produce reports quickly and integrate data with Windows applications.


Connect to multiple systems within one integrated environment.

Reduce Time and Costs

Reduce software administration time and costs.

Key Terminal Emulation Software Features

HostAccess offers all the key terminal emulation software features you need in a single page. So, whether you’re looking for asynchronous/synchronous connections, server-based administration, concurrent users, or multiple session access, HostAccess is an ideal solution for you.


  • Graphical keyboard mapping.
  • Expansive GUI capabilities.
  • Fully-integrated macro language.
  • Support for SSH & SSL secure network protocols.
  • Support for Rocket Software UniVerse™, UniData™ U2 Device licensing.
  • Support of FTP, Kermit, X/Y/Z modem, Inter-session, and IND$FILE file transfer protocols.

Operating System Support

  • Windows XP/Server 2003/Server 2003 R2/Windows 7/Server 2008 /Server 2008 R2.
  • Windows 8.
  • Windows 8.1.
  • Windows 10.

Terminal Emulation Support

  • Support of over 30 different terminal emulations, including IBM 3270, DEC VT series, Wyse 50/60, SCO ANSI, Data General DG216, and MDIS Prism 8/9.

How HostAccess Terminal Emulation Architecture Works

Here’s how HostAccess terminal emulation architecture works.

Legacy systems often used a host-dumb terminal architecture. The dumb terminal is accessed the host's capabilities — including stored information, computation power, and printing — through one of several terminal communication protocols such as VT100 or ANSI.

HostAccess terminal emulation software enables a modern Windows PC to appear as a terminal and access these legacy applications. The level of emulation is complete. It includes alphanumeric keys as well as screen management functions, such as cursor positioning and screen clearing.

HostAccess enables you to connect to one or more hosts across different networks using multiple emulations and protocols. HostAccess is session-based and supports multiple, concurrent sessions each with a different emulation. Individual sessions can be opened, closed, and saved independently of other open sessions.

HostAccess supports both block mode and asynchronous (character-mode) emulations. Both are designed to work with various systems.

HostAccess also allows the user interface of legacy terminal-based applications to be modernized using its powerful AutoGUI feature.

HostAccess screen shots

3 Steps to Implement PC Terminal Emulation Software

There are three steps to implement HostAccess PC terminal emulation software.

Create a tailored GUI to transform most traditional green screens into modern, Windows-like applications in minutes using the powerful AutoGUI features.

Integrate your host applications with your PC applications using OLE and DDE automation.

Transform your host applications with floating toolbars, hotspots, hot keys, mouse support, icons, push buttons, secondary windows, graphs, ActiveX Controls, and COM Objects using the AiF Toolkit.

Get Started With HostAccess

Get started with HostAccess and see for yourself how this PC terminal emulation software will work for you.