100M+ Lines of Code in Automotive Software Development

That’s What It Takes to Build a Single Passenger Car.

Not to mention the fact that embedded software is usually developed independently of the hardware it will eventually run on.

That's a lot of moving parts.

So, development teams face a unique set of challenges. They need to collaborate. And they need strong integration between tools to ensure quality and regulatory compliance.


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Manage Automotive Compliance

ISO 26262 is a functional safety standard required in the automotive industry. So, carmakers, their suppliers, and developers of automotive components need to comply with ISO 26262.

There are several requirements for ISO 26262 compliance. Learn how to fulfill them.

Design and Coding StandardsASIL and Traceability

Code in Compliance With Automotive Standards

Using a coding standard is required for ISO 26262 compliance.

The most commonly used coding standard is MISRA®. But AUTOSAR coding guidelines are growing in popularity.

Using the right tools make it easier to comply with coding standards — and write error-free code.

Code quality tools help you find analyze code for errors.

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Developing safe, secure, and reliable automotive software is difficult. But using the right development tools makes it easy.

Static Code Analysis

Helix QAC and Klocwork are static code analyzers. Use either to analyze all of your code (and/or recently added code) to achieve and maintain compliance. You'll find defects early and often. And you'll encourage good habits for your developers. Plus, static analyzers help you comply with coding standards, such as MISRA and AUTOSAR.


Requirements Traceability

Helix ALM is an end-to-end ALM tool with modules for managing requirements, tests, and issues. You can use Helix ALM to make sure your requirements are fulfilled. Plus, Helix ALM makes it easy to create a requirements traceability matrix for ISO 26262.

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Version Control & Collaboration

Helix Core is version control software. You can use Helix Core to maintain a single source of truth for all digital assets —from designs to code. It’s fast for remote teams. And because Helix Core tracks every change ever made, you have full traceability for compliance.

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Ensure Quality and Automotive Compliance

Your journey starts here.


Compliance is critical for automotive developers. This can include ISO 26262, as well as coding standards.

Helix ALM and Helix QAC make compliance easy.

Helix ALM helps you create a traceability matrix, which is critical for proving you’ve met compliance requirements. You can also use this ALM tool to:

  • Calculate ASILs for system components.
  • Keep stakeholders up-to-date on requirements.
  • Make sure requirements are fulfilled.

Helix QAC automatically checks your code against a C or C++ coding standard — such as MISRA or AUTOSAR. This makes it easier to demonstrate compliance as well as comply with design requirements in ISO 26262.

What's more, Helix QAC is certified by SGS-TÜV SAAR for ISO 26262 and MISRA compliance. This why Helix QAC is trusted by 8-in-10 of the largest automotive companies.

Perforce + ISO 26262 Compliance

A compliance and risk matrix in Helix ALM.
An example of code analysis in Helix QAC.


Traceability is a must for automotive developers. It ensures that your code and overall product are the highest quality.

Compliance standards, such as ISO 26262, often require traceability to prove that the product you’ve developed met requirements. Helix ALM and Helix Core make it easy to establish traceability for compliance.

With Helix ALM, you’ll be able to:

  • Link requirements, tests, bugs, and source code.
  • Generate a trace matrix, proving requirements are fulfilled.
  • Do a risk analysis – and mitigate risk before you ship.
  • Analyze the impact of requirements change.

Helix Core offers:

  • Complete change history of all digital assets — from source code to binary files.
  • Per-file access logs for auditing.
  • Chain-of-custody for each file.
  • Visualization tools to see change flow and side-by-side file comparisons.
A requirements traceability matrix in Helix ALM.
Traceability across versions in Helix Core.


Embedded software development accounts for a large proportion of the development costs of a new vehicle. And, this is likely to surge as vehicles are equipped with self-driving capabilities.

Vehicles today have millions of lines of code that control key functions, including braking, engine management, and central locking.

And, using Helix QAC or Klocwork improves code quality.

A dashboard shows code quality metrics in Helix QAC.

Modern ALM

With embedded software developed independent of the hardware it will eventually run on, automotive product designers and developers face unique challenges.

Managing this dual track development of complex systems requires the flexibility and visibility that only a fully integrated tool can offer. 

Helix ALM equips modern development teams with a centralized application where they can manage requirements, test cases, issues, and other development artifacts from requirements through testing.

A dashboard displays important metrics in Helix ALM.

Binary Assets

Automotive electronics and software developers rely on computer-aided design software and simulations. The digital assets these programs create need to be versioned and securely managed too.

Helix Core makes it easy to manage all digital assets in one place — from source code to design files — for full traceability. Helix Core tracks every change ever made.  

Helix Core also integrates with popular EDA and IP management tools, so teams use the tools they prefer, without sacrificing security or traceability on files.


Two digital asset versions in Helix Core.


Perforce tools adapt to your preferred development methodology. You'll have the tools you need to facilitate compliance verification and speed up development.

With Helix ALM, you can automate:

  • Functional, stress, and load testing.
  • ASIL calculation and tracking.
  • Traceability matrices and risk reports.

With Helix Core, you can automate:

  • Processes and exchanging data between Helix Core and other applications via custom built integrations.
  • Integrating work from multiple contributors for continuous integration and build.
CI/CD release pipelines help you deliver your product using your preferred tools and processes.

Enhanced Security Features

With Perforce development tools, you'll keep automotive development secure.

Use Helix QAC or Klocwork to:

  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities in code.
  • Comply with secure coding standards.

Use Helix ALM to:

  • Require e-signatures to track the creation, modification, or deletion of every development artifact.
  • Mitigate your risk exposure with automatic notifications and escalations, automatic audit logging, and electronic signatures.

Use Helix Core to:

  • Control user access down to the repository, branch, directory, or even individual file.
  • Implement custom IP authentication protocols, including two-way authentication, external trigger support, and direct integration with LDAP/Active Directory.
  • Secure file transfer among replica servers.
Multifactor authentication secures assets in Helix Core.


Helix Core scales with you — without sacrificing speed, accuracy, or control.

With Helix Core, you can:

  • Support thousands of users and millions of daily transactions.
  • Perform large operations in seconds, without locking the shared database.
  • Increase remote teams’ productivity with advanced replication technology.
  • Accelerate CI/CD with lightning-fast commits and concurrent builds.
Faster commits and concurrent builds in Helix Core.

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Static Code Analysis

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Version Control

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