Traceability for +100 Million Lines of Code

That’s what it takes to build a single passenger car.

Not to mention the fact that embedded software is usually developed independent of the hardware it will eventually run on. That's a lot of moving parts. Development teams face a unique set of challenges which require strong integration between development teams and across tools to ensure quality and regulatory compliance.

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Managing ISO 26262 Compliance

Carmakers, their suppliers, and developers of automotive components need to comply with the ISO 26262.

Ensure Quality and Regulatory Compliance

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Total traceability in your product development process not only ensures quality and helps manage the impact of change, but also ensures you meet rigorous version documentation and other requirements such as ISO 26262. 

Helix ALM captures all development artifacts from requirements to QA to ensure accountability across the entire workflow with:

  • Full audit trails
  • Real-time data visibility of project status information
  • Notification for change reviews
  • Gap and risk analysis
  • Clear policy enforcement triggers 
Traceability for Automotive


Perforce makes compliance verification easier, less error prone, and more cost effective by automating the creation, management, maintenance, and documentation of requirements traceability:

  • Comply with coding standards by using static code analysis
  • Configure custom fields to automatically calculate ASILs for system components
  • Keep stakeholders informed of new and changed requirements with centralized requirements management
  • Simplify the requirement review process and ensure everyone understands the impact of proposed changes
  • Enforce adherence to development processes and best practices with enforceable and secure automated workflows
  • Ensure marketing requirements are being fulfilled, with the ability to quickly check on project progress, research specific user and product requirements when needed, and automatically be notified of requirements changes you did not initiate

Binary Assets

As automotive manufacturing and design rely heavily on CAD, CAE, and CAM as well as 3D modeling and simulation, the need for strong binary asset management has become a minimum for entry. With its industry-leading scalability, Helix Core handles large files just as efficiently as text-based code assets.


Binary Asset Management

Modern ALM

With embedded software developed independent of the hardware it will eventually run on, automotive product designers and developers face unique challenges.

Managing this dual track development of complex systems requires the flexibility and visibility that only a fully integrated tool can offer. 

Helix ALM equips modern development teams with a centralized application where they can manage requirements, test cases, issues, and other development artifacts from requirements through testing.

Automotive Modern ALM


Helix adapts to your preferred development methodology, or any combination therein, providing you with the tools you need to facilitate compliance verification and speed up development.

Set up automation for:

  • Functional, stress, and load testing
  • ASIL Calculation and Tracking
  • Traceability matrices and risk reports
  • Processes and exchanging data between Helix and other applications via custom built integrations
  • Integrating work from multiple contributors for continuous integration and build
Automation for Automotive Industry

Enhanced Security Features

Maintain your data integrity as your project advances with advanced security options:

  • Require e-signatures to track the creation, modification, or deletion of every development artifact
  • Control user access down to the repository, branch, directory, or even individual file
  • Mitigate your risk exposure with automatic notifications and escalations, automatic audit logging, and electronic signatures
  • Leverage third-party behavioral analytics tools through SDKs, APIs, and existing integrations
  • Implement custom IP authentication protocols, including two-way authentication, external trigger support, and direct integration with LDAP/Active Directory
  • Secure file transfer among replica servers
E-Signature Requirements


Where there is process and continuousness there can be scale... with the right toolset. Helix scales as you do without sacrificing speed, accuracy, or control:

  • Optimize productivity remotely via federated architecture or Git-like workflows.
  • Perform large operations in a fraction of a second, without locking the shared database.
  • Protect the integrity of your files and check files out so that only one person can submit changes at a time.
Scalable for the Automotive Industry

The Software Development Tool of Choice for Automotive Product Designers and Developers

When quality and compliance matter.

Static Code Analysis

Perforce's static code analyzers — QAC and QAC++ — make it easy to comply with coding standards, such as AUTOSAR and MISRA. Plus, they enable better code with fewer bugs. 


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Version Control

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