2024 State of Automotive Software Development Report

Conquer Complexity with Data Management at Global Scale

Data management, also known as version control, is mission-critical in the automotive industry. The right data management solution reduces errors, streamlines design and development, and accelerates innovation with:

Global Collaboration

Boost collaboration between hardware and software teams, even when they're located around the world.

Streamlined Workflows

Conquer complex development with streamlined branching and component-based architecture

Digital Twins

Drive innovation and enhance safety and performance with digital twin technology.

Single Source of Truth

Eliminate data and project silos with a single source of truth across all teams and projects.

Helix Core + Helix IPLM

Together, Helix Core + Helix IPLM provide a unified IP and data management solution that accelerates embedded automotive software development and enables the use of advanced automotive manufacturing technologies like digital twins.

Helix Core

Manages and versions all types of files.
Supports global teams.
Handles petabytes of data.
Enables digital twin development.

Helix IPLM

Unites hardware and software teams.
Offers end-to-end traceability and a unified bill of materials.
Supports sharing and reusing IP.
Enables total control of design.

Drive Innovation with Digital Twin Technology

Software for the Automotive Industry

The cars of the future are being built with digital twins. These virtual prototypes can enable real-time rendering for crash test simulation, train driver assistance systems with synthetic sensor data, simulate and optimize performance under various conditions, and more. Automotive manufacturers are using digital twin technology to save money, accelerate development, and increase innovation.

Helix Control is the only data management solution capable of scaling to the massive amounts of data, number of files, and size of files involved in developing digital twins.

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Perforce Software solutions empower and enable your team to produce competitive, high-quality automotive products that are safe, secure, and compliant — regardless of the size or scope of your project.


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Static Code Analysis

Helix QAC and Klocwork are static code analysis tools that help enforce standards compliance requirements and identify defects early and often in development.

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Version Control

Helix Core is an endlessly scalable data management solution that enables you to easily version all types of files and provides a single source of truth for all of your digital assets.

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Requirements Traceability

Helix ALM is a unified requirements, issue, and test case management solution that automates end-to-end traceability to simplify compliance and ensure quality and safety.

Learn More About Helix ALM

IP Lifecycle Management

Helix IPLM is an IP lifecycle management platform that enables global, cross-functional collaboration for semiconductor and embedded system design and provides design verification traceability for compliance.

Learn More About Helix iplm

The quality and consistency of our code skyrocketed since we began using Helix QAC.

Stuart Jobbins, Head of Software Development at Delphi Diesel

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