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At Perforce, we solve problems. Helix is a flexible platform that makes life easier for all contributors — developers, designers, project managers, QA  — from every industry, every workspace, everywhere.


Version Control

Massive repos, you say? Massive files, you say? And you have the audacity to want blazing-fast workflows, too? Good news. With Helix Core you can have all three. That means you can develop faster, build faster, and deliver faster – even continuously. And you can do it with 1000s of globally distributed users thanks to federated architecture, DVCS, and Helix TeamHub — the choice is yours.


Developer Collaboration

You know it takes a team to write good code, but yours is spread out across the globe, stranded behind their screens. You’re not alone. That’s because Helix connects you and your teammates with a space where you can go to clearly communicate instructions, ideas, and solutions — independent of your preferred development workflows or tools.


Agile Project Management

Not all solutions are as agile as you are. Helix’s modular design frees you to use only what you need — requirements management, issue management, test case management, or version control. Together you get end-to-end project management that allows you to increase product quality and control using your preferred Agile methodology.


Performance & Scalability

Connect your team in seconds, not hours with Helix Core, a global collaboration solution that scales massively. With Helix, empower your design and development teams to work faster — no matter where they are in the world or how big their data sets. Helix customers successfully support 1000s of users and terabytes of data.


Repository Management

You can’t afford to break software because you accidentally used the wrong version. You definitely can’t afford to lose your files. And finding files should be easy — even if various stakeholders don’t use the same tools. Helix TeamHub allows you to seamlessly manage projects that span multiple repos and repo types including Git, SVN, Maven, and more.


Helix gives your developers access to the tools they want and IT the control they need, putting it at the heart of a successful DevOps pipeline. From requirements to delivery and every iteration in between, learn how using a single platform for code, design, and build artifacts can enable high-performance build and delivery for teams of all sizes.

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