Meet Your Visualization Software Portfolio

The Visualization software portfolio is available in C++ and Java.

Views For C++

Visualization in C++ is called Views. Views shortens development time and reduces maintenance costs with ready-to-use cross-platform GUIs for C++ applications. You can use Views across multiple Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms.

Views includes a large collection of CSS styled basic controls, Gantt charts, and diagrams — as well as a rendering engine, and graphs. Additional add-on features include charts, data access, maps, and graph layout algorithms.

This C++ visualization software includes:

  • Views: Base cross-platform GUI framework with a large collection of basic controls, high-performance rendering engine, and extension optional modules
  • Views Charts: High-performance chart components
  • Views Data Access: Out-of-the-box connectivity for Views user interface controls
  • Views Graph Layout: High-performance algorithms to automatically organize complex diagrams
  • Views Maps: Create sophisticated, high-performance map displays

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JViews For Java

Visualization in Java is called JViews. JViews provides advanced industry-specific visualization. You can use JViews to develop on one platform — and leverage it on another platform.

JViews includes a set of JavaServer Pages, JavaServer Faces (JSF), and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) components that help simplify writing interactive thin clients for the web. Tools are also included for assembling geographic maps, SCADA displays, charts, and schedules.

This Java visualization software includes:

  • JViews Charts
  • JViews Diagrammer
  • JViews Gantt
  • JViews Maps
  • JViews Maps for Defense
  • JViews Telecom Graphic Objects

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“While it is a fundamental part of the system, Visualization Server is hidden from the users. They don’t know it’s there. It’s so good, they don’t have to know.”

— Christophe Montano, Account Manager, SPIE

Key Features of Visualization Software

Visualization software is rich in functionality. Here are some of the key features in Visualization.


Visualization charts include bar, line, stair, high-low, bubble, and pie. They are designed for fast performance, with real-time refreshes, in Views and JViews.

Data Access

Visualization data access allows out-of-the-box data connectivity for user interface controls in Views. They remove the need to write difficult connectivity code.


Visualization maps allow you to create high-performance map displays. These are used in Views and JViews to create mission-critical applications, including transportation and military.

Telecom Graphic Objects

Visualization telecom graphic objects allow you to build Operations Support Systems interfaces. These customizable components are available in JViews.

Personalized Services for Easier Development

Keep your Views applications up-to-date by using Visualization for C++ Upgrade Services. Migration experts will walk your development team through the whole process of upgrading your applications—from mapping out any incompatibilities to testing changes throughout the process. Learn more about this offering and how it can benefit your team.

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