Views Software: Key C++ Visualization Features

The following C++ visualization features are included with Views software.


Views includes a large collection of basic controls, Gantt charts, diagrams, as well as a rendering engine, and graphs. Additional add-on features include charts, data access, maps, and graph layout algorithms.

With Views, you get:

  • A large collection of portable CSS stylable GUI components, such as menus, buttons, text fields, toolbars, tables, and trees.
  • High-performance 2D vector graphics, to create highly custom applications.
  • A powerful GUI builder, reducing interface development time.
  • Support of diagrams, dashboards, schematics, and customizable business objects.
  • Shorter development time and reduced maintenance costs, through ready-to-use cross-platform GUI components.

Views Charts

Views Charts provide high-performance C++ visualization chart components. These charts allow you to quickly and easily add a wide variety of chart displays to Views-based user interfaces.

This includes:

  • A wide variety of the most common chart types: bar, line, stair, high-low, bubble, pie, etc.
  • A powerful graphical user interface (GUI) builder to speed up interface development.
  • Charts designed for real-time performance updates, with fast refreshes.
  • A full software development kit, enabling exact control over visual aspects and user interactions.
  • Shorter development time and reduced maintenance costs, through ready to use cross-platform graphical user interface components.

Views Graph Layouts

Views Graph Layouts provide high-performance algorithms to automatically organize complex diagram views.

Rearrange diagram displays for better readability. Ensure your users can understand the data in your network topology displays, workflows, organization charts, and other diagrams. Organize the data. Show the relationships. Reveal the patterns.

Views Graph Layouts:

  • Provide complex diagram display services out-of-the-box, including the most common graph layout algorithms: hierarchical, tree, radial tree, and bus layouts.
  • Route links (edges) between nodes and places labels to reduce overlapping elements.
  • Represent any connected elements (nodes) by any Views graphic object.
  • Include organization features, such as subgraphs, and editing features, including animation, undo and redo, and persistence.
  • Are architected to support large data sets and to be extended with the included software development kit (SDK).

Views Maps

Views Maps allow you to create sophisticated, high-performance maps displays.

With Views Maps, you’ll be able to:

  • Build on the high-performance graphics capabilities provided by the Views product, adding extensive digital mapping services.
  • Support background map data from many formats, with the ability to mix and match map data on different zoom-dependent layers.
  • Use objects on the map overlay layer can be represented by any Views graphic object
  • Handle very large data sets, with video-like real-time updates of overlaid objects.
  • Get a complete software development kit, enabling customization of all aspects of the map.

Views Data Access

Views Data Access provides out-of-the-box connectivity for Views user interface controls.

With Views Data Access, you can enhance underlying Views controls, connecting them to data sources for bidirectional data updates. Objects on the map overlay layers components to database, XML, and other data sources. So, you’ll remove the need to write difficult connectivity code — and get your code completed faster.

Use Views Data Access to:

  • Connect Views controls from within the Views graphical user interface (GUI) builder.
  • Use custom graphic objects, diagrams, and charts (from Views Charts) that can be made data-aware.
  • Connect to databases, XML streams, and custom extensions.
  • Port across operating systems and across databases simply by recompiling.

DB Link provides portable C++ database components.

With DB Link, C++ developers have database access code that is portable across platforms and databases. This saves tedious coding without sacrificing performance.

DB Link includes:

  • Lightweight library for easy, fast and reliable access to both relational and object-relational data.
  • Communication directly with databases via the product's application programming interface (API), which is platform and database independent.
  • Underneath the API, the product natively supports SQL statements for Oracle, DB2, Informix, MySQL, Sybase, and other databases on a variety of operating systems.
  • Support for transaction management, data handling, and access to data dictionaries.
  • Handling for multiple statement executions and connections.
  • Error recovery mechanism that can be tailored to specific application needs.


Server provides a highly scalable modeling framework.

With Server, you can represent the elements and topology of a supervised system as shared in-memory services. Modeling abstractions match those offered by object-oriented design notation like UML.

Server bridges the gap between business model design and implementation. Objects stored in the Server-based mediation server are active. So, all business events — such as object modifications and structural changes — are registered and buffered for forwarding to subscribing clients.

You’ll get:

  • Synchronization for hundreds of C++ GUIs.
  • High-performance notification engine.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Web-enabled supervision.


“While it is a fundamental part of the system, Visualization Server is hidden from the users. They don’t know it’s there. It’s so good, they don’t have to know.”

— Christophe Montano, Account Manager, SPIE

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