Key Solutions For SoC Development

We offer the following key solutions for SoC development.

IP Lifecycle Management

Track and manage IPs throughout their lifecycle. Learn more about Perforce solutions for IP lifecycle management.

IP lifecycle Management

IP Security Assurance

Find and track security threats in your SoC design. Learn more about Perforce solutions for IP security assurance.

IP Security Assurance

Verification Traceability

Manage and provide end-to-end verification traceability. Learn more about Perforce solutions for traceability.


Functional Safety

Ensure functional safety compliance with  proven documentation. Learn more about Perforce solutions for functional safety.

Functional Safety


What You Need in a Semiconductor Solution

To fulfill market expectations and meet-to-market demands, you need a semiconductor solution with:

IP and Variant Reuse and Sharing

IP Bill of Materials (BoM) Management

End-To-End Traceability

A Single Source of Truth Across Design and Development

IP and Design Collaboration

Design Data Management

IP Lifecycle Management

Methodics IPLM enables high-performance hierarchical analog/mixed signal, digital, software, embedded software, and SoC design collaboration across multisite and multi-geographic design teams.

This semiconductor solution mitigates complexity through automation and centralization of SoC development flows. Methodics IPLM also provides built-in traceability. It acts as a central source of truth that reflects the real-time state of all projects across multisite worldwide organizations.

By using Methodics IPLM, your organization can accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs for semiconductor development.

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Data Management

Helix Core supports global semiconductor teams with storage, access, and management of design assets for analog, digital, infrastructure, and software development.

Methodics IPLM and Helix Core are tightly integrated. This gives teams complete visibility into the state and usage of IP from the moment it enters the system until an SoC is delivered.

Plus, both semiconductor solutions integrate with third party tools, including bug tracking, requirements management, and customer in-house databases.

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