What’s New in Visualization?

Visualization software from Perforce provides graphical components that help you build stable and reliable applications. Select the version you’re interested in from the list on your left to see what’s new. For all versions, customers can get the latest release by clicking the button below.

Visualization for C++ (Views) 6.3

The Visualization for C++ suite, which includes Views, Server, and DB Link, offers the broadest set of high-performance advanced graphic components. We are committed to continually improving the Visualization for C++ suite of products. Server 6.3 now supports Visualization Server .NET client applications, and Views Maps includes a new map reader.

Server 6.3

  • New support for .NET clients. This means there is more language support for developing Visualization Server client applications, allowing you to choose from C++, Java, or any .NET language.
  • For a detailed list of bug fixes, read the full release notes.

Views 6.3

  • Numerous customer-reported bug fixes, detailed in the release notes.

Views Maps 6.3

  • Newly-added MGRS reader.

Visualization for Java (JViews) 2017.2

JViews is trusted in mission-critical applications across the globe, from managing telecommunications networks to air traffic control. See release notes for a detailed list of bug fixes.

New Platform Support

  • Oracle JDK 11 LTS, 12, 13, 14, and 15
  • OpenJDK 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15
  • Eclipse 4.17

Visualization for Elixir Enterprise 2016

Elixir Enterprise 2016 offers fully extensible, advanced, and interactive org chart capabilities to take your visualization and modelling to the next level, including:

  • Support for multiple managers, multi-dimensional matrix, and other representations.
  • New views supporting local and global perspectives.
  • Dynamic declaration of entity fields (such as adding "Salary" tags for an employee description).
  • Support for Apache Flex 4.15.