Benefits of SourcePro C++ Libraries

Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

By writing against SourcePro's APIs, developers deploy on any combination of an operating system, compiler, and database. And SourcePro provides a layer of independence to support cloud-based or on-premise application development.

Developers build their applications against our APIs, which rarely change. Even when the underlying platform capabilities change, we rewrite our components to take advantage of upgrades, insulating our users from changes that destabilize existing applications.

Benefit From the Latest Technology With Minimum Impact to Your Code

With each release, SourcePro incorporates a compiler, operating system, and database innovations to speed performance without requiring any changes in your code. SourcePro provides constructs for threading abstractions and high-performance containers.

SourcePro speeds up initial application development and streamlines ongoing maintenance. The result? Faster software with a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

Minimize Your Maintenance Costs

SourcePro is designed to minimize the maintenance cost of your applications. Each component is tested on all platforms to ensure high quality across the following areas:

  • Security.
  • Performance.
  • Scalability.
  • Memory usage.
  • Stability.
  • Compliance.

Keep Up-to-Date With the Latest Security

All SourcePro modules conform with the latest security standards including CWE, CERT, OWASP, DISA STIG, and MISRA C 2012. SourcePro is validated with Klocwork static code analysis.

“We’ve been using SourcePro for more than 10 years and would not be able to support multiple platforms and databases without it. As the market changes and our customers ask for new platforms, SourcePro always has the libraries we need and we never have to worry because we just know they’ll work.”

— Bob Dixon, Manager of Software Development, TIE Kinetix

Overview of SourcePro Architecture

SourcePro architecture is comprised of SourcePro Core — the foundation — and three optional add-ons.

SourcePro Core

Provides more than 500 fundamental C++ classes. SourcePro Core gives you a solid foundation for any application.

SourcePro core

SourcePro DB

Abstracts away database-specific differences to provide a common and consistent API for any database application.

sourcepro DB

SourcePro Net

Simplifies the creation of secure or nonsecure networked and internet-enabled applications. It handles the granular details of socket programming and internet protocols, helping developers deliver quality applications on schedule.

sourcepro net

SourcePro Analysis

Contains a wide range of C++ components for solving mathematical problems in business and research.

sourcepro analysis

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