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Objective Toolkit

Objective Toolkit provides a library of controls and utilities. These enhance the graphical user interface of custom applications. You can use a wide variety of powerful Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) components such as color well, tab control, calendar, currency, and calculator.

The diversity of components in Objective Toolkit makes it easy to customize and enhance your GUI applications.

Download the demo to see how Objective Toolkit works >>

Objective Grid

Objective Grid helps you quickly deliver effective, custom spreadsheets with embedded controls. It provides a complete library of extension classes that implement a grid control. You’ll be able to manipulate data by enhancing the capabilities of cells within the grid.

Objective Grid can use multiple methods for data exchange:

  • ADO and ODBC databinding.
  • XML and HTML serialization.
  • Interaction with Microsoft Excel.

Plus, you can migrate existing Objective Grid applications into a .NET environment — and create new components using the designer.

Download the demo to see how Objective Grid works >>


Objective Chart

Objective Chart delivers high-performance, advanced charting capabilities. This includes a variety of two-dimensional chart types.

Charts provided are fully customizable and can be combined into new chart types. The collection of basic chart types include bar, line, pie, web, area, and plot types with variations on each.

Objective Chart has a class-based architecture. So, you can easily extend and enhance these basic capabilities by using the chart extension system.

Download the demo to see how Objective Chart works >>


Objective Edit

Objective Edit offers an advanced text editor component with syntax coloring.

You can use Objective Edit to:

  • Implement an interactive environment similar to the Microsoft Visual Studio editor
  • View and edit source code, scripts, and mark-up languages — including C++, C#, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, and HTML.

The editor can be customized for any other language.

Download the demo to see how Objective Edit works >>


Objective Views

Objective Views provides components for building drag-and-drop graphical interfaces. You can use it to incorporate custom graphical objects and enhanced drawing capabilities.

Objective Views are similar to diagramming tools (e.g., Visio) in functionality. You’ll have a canvas — a drawing surface abstraction — to use for drawing and manipulating symbols and graphics. These objects can be moved, scaled, rotated, connected, or even animated.

Download the demo to see how Objective Views work >>


“By using Stingray graphical user interface components, our developers brought our product to market faster, while using significantly less development resources than initially planned. The cost and time investment of maintaining the user interface has been minimal.”

— Director, Pharmokinetics

Features: GUI Development Tools for Windows

Stingray GUI development tools for Windows include the following key features.


Spreadsheets and Database Connectivity

Stingray enables you to create custom spreadsheets with embedded controls. These spreadsheets include many typical features, similar to Microsoft Excel.

You can:

  • Apply data formatting styles to cells or ranges of cells.
  • Connect directly to the data source using ODBC and ADO connections.
  • View multiple levels of data within a single spreadsheet with Hierarchical Grid.

You can also use Stingray for database connectivity. This allows you to tie data sources to your components — and really quickly assemble an app with solid functionality.

Image Stingray Product Section 1

Architecture and Text Editor

Stingray has a docking window architecture. This provides a modern look and feel, similar to IDEs such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

You can:

  • Generate applications with a modern look-and-feel by using docking window architectures.
  • Get enhanced functionality for multiple selection, bitmaps, check boxes, and fully extensible integrated grids.

It also includes an advanced text editor for source code editing. This includes syntax highlighting and viewing.

Image Stingray Product Section 2

Graphs and Charts

Stingray provides over 30 graph types with support for legends, titles, labels, and curve-fitting.

In Stingray, you’ll also get access to a drag-and-drop drawing canvas. You can use this to draw and manipulate symbols and graphs. This functionality is similar to diagramming tools, such as Microsoft Visio.

Image Stingray Product Section 3

Controls, Shortcuts, and More

Stingray provides simple controls to help you move quickly. These include advanced edit, combo box, color well, calculator, and currency edit. It also has customizable toolbars and menu bars to fit your team’s needs. For instance, there’s an embeddable shortcut bar that closely mimics Microsoft Outlook.

With Stingray, you also get docking windows, a floating documents interface, and layout manager to help you move faster.

Plus, you’ll have access to utility classes including image reading, compression, file handling, and a formula engine.

Image Stingray Product Section 4

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