Perforce Static Code Analyzers Have Been Trusted For 30+ Years

Perforce’s static code analysis tools have been trusted code quality tools for over 30 years for their ability to deliver the most accurate and precise results to mission-critical project teams across a variety of industries.

Our static code analysis tools are used by the top 10 global automotive parts manufacturers, the top 8 global defense contractors, and a whole host of other embedded software development industries.

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Why Use Perforce Static Analysis Tools for C

Why Static Code Analysis?

For Safe, Secure, High-Quality Code. Faster.

Static code analysis identifies defects, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues as you code. It finds issues that are often missed by other tools and methods, such as compilers and manual code reviews. With static code analysis, you can fix coding issues earlier — lowering overall costs and enabling you to deliver a quality product on time.

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Improve Software Quality


Comply with Coding Standards


Code with Confidence

Reduce Technical Debt

Benefits of Perforce Static Code Analysis


Coding Standards Compliance

Ensure your software is compliant with published, well-established coding standards, such as MISRA and CERT. Or, your own internal standard.


Functional Safety Certification

Perforce static code analyzers are pre-qualified for use in safety-critical applications. This makes it easier for you to gain certification for industry standards, such as ISO 26262 and IEC 62304.

Static Application Security Test (SAST)

Build continuous code security monitoring into your development process. SAST tools help to ensure that secure coding practices are properly implemented and that vulnerabilities are removed at the earliest opportunity. Review our SAST tutorial to help you understand more about this testing and why it is important.

Code Quality Management

Automate reporting on code quality trends and compliance status to effectively measure code quality metrics and track defects.

Large-Scale Projects

Manual code reviews are time-consuming and often vulnerable to human error. Perforce’s static code analyzers quickly inspect millions of lines of source code, identifying vulnerabilities in both legacy and new code.

Developer Productivity

Perforce’s static analyzers provide developers with feedback as they code, which reduces the number of mistakes and time spent on rework – lowering overall project costs.

Which Static Code Analyzer Is Right For Me?

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Software Security & Quality

My Code Is Written In C/C++

My Code Is Written In C/C++/C#/Java/JavaScript/

Who Uses Static Analysis C, Code Quality Tools?

The use of code quality tools is growing within every kind of industry. It is especially important for the development of critical software in:


A typical passenger car runs more than 100 million lines of code. And, a vehicle has a wide range of software controlled sub-components – from braking systems to infotainment and communication systems. All this software requires careful review to ensure safety, reliability, and compliance.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace, defense, and military organizations use embedded software every day. This software is often comprised of large code bases and complex systems. And developers have an obligation to ensure that the software is safe and secure, reliable, and free of any defects.

Medical Device

The quality of software embedded in medical devices can mean the difference between life and death. Because of this, there is increasing scrutiny for both safety and security in medical device software.

Energy Technology

Energy and utilities product development teams need to ensure functional safety compliance, meet industry regulations as well as mitigate potential security vulnerabilities and coding errors.

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