Helix QAC Training

Continuously improving quality and educating engineers on best practices is key to successful development. 

Helix QAC technical consultants provide training and mentorship for both experienced and inexperienced engineers. Our training opportunities focus on effective and robust language and product usage.

All of our training courses are instructor-led and tailored to individual needs.

Using Helix QAC Solutions

Duration: 2 days

Recommended for all new Helix QAC for C/C++ users.

Our two-day product training courses get you up and running as fast as possible. So, you'll gain the maximum benefit from your code quality management and static analysis solutions.

Safe and Secure Coding

Duration: 2 days

Recommended for developers who need to produce safe and secure C code.

This two-day course is tailored to focus on one or more of your preferred coding standards — such as MISRA or CERT. It can be delivered by our expert technical consultant at your preferred location.