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Save critical time, reduce errors

Partner with Perforce to migrate, upgrade, or integrate business tools with Helix ALM

Ensure your long-term success

Trust our pros to implement best practices, optimize, and tune your environment

Menu of Services

1. Helix ALM Startup Package

Get up and running quickly with Helix ALM so you’re managing requirements, running tests, and tracking issues in less time. Our experts will install and configure Helix ALM for optimal performance according to your preferences and compliance goals. From the initial discovery meeting through production system kickoff and training, we’re with you every step of the way.

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2. Migrations and Data Conversions

Moving to new systems doesn't have to be difficult. Perforce consultants routinely help customers migrate to Helix ALM from a wide variety of systems and convert their data. If you need to replace your test management, issue tracking, or requirements management solution for a single team — or establish Helix ALM as your corporate standard across multiple business units — we help ensure your migration and data conversion goes smoothly.

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3. Integration Services

Save time and reduce errors by integrating your business tools. We can help you create issues from help desk tickets, publish your team's metrics through SharePoint, or extend the capabilities of your Perforce solutions to tie more closely into your existing environment.

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4. Helix ALM Tune-Up

Maybe your Helix ALM projects have grown, you've added users, your processes have evolved, or you've just fallen a few versions behind. In all these cases, it's time to schedule a tune-up with Perforce Professional Services.

During this fixed-price, two-day engagement, Perforce consultants will work with you to define your requirements and assist you in configuring Helix ALM to best support your team. We can focus your tune-up session on a software upgrade, performance tuning, workflow optimization, process automation, role-based permissions, reporting, or data capture process enhancement.

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5. Consulting Services

Based on our years of experience helping customers in their real-world environments, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you solve challenges, optimize your processes, and save you considerable time and effort — including consulting on workflows, compliance configuration services, and custom reporting capabilities.

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6. Training

Through our training courses, Perforce experts help you take full advantage of the powerful features and functionality in your software while also helping you build and refine your organization’s own knowledge and expertise with our software.

We provide user and administrator training courses on Helix ALM as well as Surround SCM — and we offer custom training if you have a particular topic where you want to dive deeper.

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