Standard Package

Helix ALM Setup

During Helix ALM Setup, a Perforce consultant works with your IT team to install and configure your Perforce products for optimal use and performance. Whether you are installing Surround SCM and want to make sure remote users are set up correctly, or you are moving the Helix ALM database to an RDBMS system, rapid installation service ensures that your implementation is quick and easy.

Custom Consulting

Data Conversion

Moving to new systems doesn't have to be difficult. Let a consultant develop the scripts and processes needed to migrate legacy data into Perforce products. Whether you are currently tracking data in a spreadsheet, a database, or an enterprise-level application, we can help you easily convert your data.

Integration Services

Integrating your existing business tools with Perforce solutions is a great way to simplify the exchange of data between departments and business units, saving time and reducing errors. Whether you want to create issues from help desk tickets, publish your team's metrics through SharePoint, or extend the capabilities of your Perforce solutions to tie more closely into your existing environment, our Professional Services team can help.

After we review your business applications and discuss the benefits you will gain by integrating tools, we will work with you to:

  • Define requirements and develop a functional design specification that outlines what we will deliver to meet those requirements.
  • Provide a formal quote and delivery timeline, ensuring there are no surprises.
  • Schedule user acceptance testing in your environment to ensure the application meets your requirements.
  • Deploy the application in your production environment and answer any questions you may have.

At the end of the project, you will receive detailed documentation that includes how to install, configure, and maintain the application as well as any source code or other deliverables produced during the project.

Custom Workflows

Configuring workflows that meet your development and quality assurance requirements does not have to be difficult. A Perforce consultant can work with you to create forms and workflows that are tailored to your processes and policy requirements.

Helix ALM Tune-Ups

Whether your Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack) projects have grown, you've added users, your processes have evolved, or you've just fallen a few versions behind, it's time to schedule a tune-up with Perforce Professional Services.

During this engagement, a Perforce consultant will help you get the most from your Helix ALM investment by working with you to understand your requirements and helping you configure Helix ALM to best support your team.

If you answer no to any of the following questions, Perforce Professional Services can help:

  • Do you have time to plan and implement a Helix ALM upgrade?
  • Are you enhancing your workflow processes with automation rules?
  • Are you organizing projects, prioritizing work, and gauging project progress with folders?
  • Are you using calculated fields to measure team performance, without the need for Excel?
  • Have you configured Live Charts to get real-time insight into project status?
  • Are you tracking project estimates and time, and reporting on it effectively?
  • Have you optimized data capture and sharing across defects, tests, and requirements?

Perforce Professional Services consultants will work with you to define your unique requirements and assist you in configuring Helix ALM to best support your team—helping you make the most out of your Helix ALM investment.

Software Upgrades

If you're not using the newest version of Helix ALM, we can upgrade your installation with minimal or no downtime. As part of the upgrade, a Perforce product expert will also provide mentoring to administrators and super users on Helix ALM's newest features. Upgrade time is also a perfect opportunity to review your current installation environment and look for ways to improve Helix ALM performance.

Performance Tuning

As your use of Helix ALM has grown over time, the original parameters used to determine system requirements for optimal performance are likely out-of-date. Our product experts can review your current installation environment and make recommendations to optimize product performance and ensure recoverability in the event of catastrophic failure. Every day, Perforce consultants help customers determine when to move to an RDBMS, verify that data backups are valid and restorable, and improve performance for end users around the globe.

Workflow Optimization

Processes change as your team finds better ways to work. Has your Helix ALM workflow kept up? If it hasn't, it becomes harder to track accurate metrics and can create confusion within the team about which process is actually the right process. Ask a Perforce consultant to meet with your team to learn more about your current processes, recommend best practices where applicable, and then configure Helix ALM to match those processes.

Process Automation

Helix ALM has added a number of new process automation and notification features over the last few releases. Are you taking advantage of them? Whether it's automating the movement of work items through the workflow, or optimizing notifications so the right people are informed of changes at the right time, we can help you boost team efficiency and communication with some tweaks to your use of automation in Helix ALM.

Role-based Permissions

If you're like most users, you probably set up security permissions when you were getting started with Helix ALM, and haven't looked at those settings since. What you might not realize is that role-based security groups not only improve security but can also boost product usability. Users can more quickly access the information and functionality they use most often because the UI is not cluttered with irrelevant fields and menus. A Professional Services team member can create a set of security groups for the unique user roles in your organization, helping you optimize security and usability.

Reporting Enhancements

There are several ways to get the metrics you need in Helix ALM — and we've done them all from modifying standard reports to aggregating data in the folder view. If you are new to ALM RP dashboards, we can configure a dashboard that helps you quickly gauge Helix ALM project status, monitor key performance metrics, meet development deadlines, and deliver a quality product. We can also build queries to extract reporting data for use with an external system.

Data Capture

You can't manage what you don't measure. Effective data capture is a prerequisite to managing the development process and reporting metrics to management. But requiring too many fields adds unnecessary complexity and interferes with user acceptance of your processes. Perforce's Solution Consultants can meet with your team to fully understand what data you need to capture, recommend when and where in Helix ALM to capture that data, and make the necessary configuration changes to ensure you have accurate and usable metrics.

Custom Reports

If you have specialized management reporting needs, but no one in your company with the time or experience to create reports, a Perforce consultant can do the work for you. We have the experience needed to compile complex reports and create interactive Web pages that deliver the report data you need.

Whether you are preparing reports in Excel or Crystal Reports, or for a web page using ASP or JDBC, we have the experience needed to create complex reports or interactive web pages that deliver the data you need. Don't worry if you don't have the technical expertise or available resources, our professional services team can help.

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