Speed Up Time to Value

Experience success faster through our deployment of Helix Core and Swarm securely in your cloud environment according to best practices.

Optimize Your Environment

Do more through our expert implementation in the cloud or cloud standardization, and through our ongoing administration.

Ensure Against Downtime

Protect yourself against the risks and real costs associated with downtime through expert, ongoing maintenance and administration.

Scale Efficiently by Managing Costs

Deploy your resources in a smart, effective way that provides the most flexibility for your business.

“The key to success is surrounding yourself with experts and letting them do what they do best. The HRA team allows our devs to do their thing while ensuring our server never goes down or hits a performance snag. After they set everything up, I didn't have to think about it anymore since I knew the best people were taking care of it. And thus far, it's been the perfect solution.”

Matthew Mazza, Chief Technology Officer, UP360

Services Included With Helix Remote Admin


  • Performing upgrades to new, major versions as often as they become available. This includes a review of release notes for potential customer impact.
  • Managing topology expansion – adding new replicas and edge servers to support distributed workforces.
    • An additional fee may apply to topology expansion beyond a commit server, standby server, and Swarm server as well as configuring integrations with other systems. Contact us for details.


  • Installing patches to applications and operating systems as they become available.
  • Installing security patches.


  • Monitoring daily checkpoints and backups, and addressing issues.
  • Monitoring license and certificate expiration and various automated daily operations.
  • Monitoring systems availability and system resources such as disk space.
  • Providing analysis of user-reported performance or resource issues.

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