Introducing Helix Swarm: Enterprise Software Code Review

Eliminate work environment noise, as Helix Swarm easily organizes tens of thousands of enterprise code review tickets at once. Monitor progress, automate design processes, and improve release quality, all with one solution.

Get better collaboration from development with a code review tool that prioritizes reviews, shares content and code review changes, and tests continuous integration deployments. 



Enterprise Collaboration with Helix Swarm

Latest Features

Comment Threading

Have multiple conversations on a single review with comment threading. Start a thread by replying to a review comment.


Atomic Operations

Review independent components together by attaching multiple changelists to a pre-commit review.

MFA and SAML Support

Keep code safe by integrating Helix Core with Ping Identity, Okta, and others.


Priority Filtering

Sift through 1000s of review requests and identify prioritized actions to unblock ongoing development and stay agile.


Action Item Dashboard

Review all action items at login with an intuitive and collaborative UI that will show which tasks are obstructing development.

Notification Prefs

Control precisely the notifications you receive, based on your preferences. Customize notification settings to your profile page. Your inbox will thank you.


Smart Filters

Don't waste time on reviews you don't want or need. The review panel feature lets users drill down to the workday tasks important to them.


Change Ownership

Never drop a good conversation. Re-assign ownership of reviews for new contributors managing project tasks.

Automated De-Clutter

Want to unclutter your workspace? Clear redundant changelists and shelved files automatically once a review is committed to Helix Swarm.

Helix Swarm Code Review in Action

Fully integrated with Helix Core for automated formal code review, Helix Swarm is a single, scalable tool for distributed teams. By supporting collaborative design environments and enterprise development methodologies, users can build, test, iterate, and release products faster. That's because Helix Swarm gets every team member talking and makes it easy to keep the conversation going.


Developer Collaboration in Everything You Do

Helix Swarm makes code review easier and more secure.


Collaborate for Better Code

Social, productive, and fun:

  • Keep up with others via activity streams.
  • Visualize changes side by side.
  • Comment directly in code.
  • @mention collaborators to involve them.
  • Follow items of interest.
  • Assign lightweight tasks for important issues.
Swarm Code Collaboration

Global Review Dashboard

See open reviews and work in progress at a glance:

  • Customize your action item dashboard with a pre-filtered list of reviews.
  • Get visibility across all projects.
  • Drill down by author, group, status, whether tests pass, and keyword to easily find the reviews you need.
  • Filter review comments to a particular revision.
Swarm Review Dashboard

Support for MFA and Helix SAML

Keep your valuable information secure:

  • More than 80 percent of data breaches involve weak or stolen credentials.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) or authentication with Helix SAML can prevent data breaches.
  • Ensure the people who access your system are who they claim to be.
Helix Swarm secures developer collaboration with MFA

Custom Notifications

Flexible code reviews:

  • Set notification preferences and opt to receive only the notifications to your most pressing reviews.
  • Automate and reduce the number of interruptions with batch notifications.
  • Comment on reviews, in-line with code.
  • Use comment threading to reply to a review comment, and keep track of multiple conversations within a single comment.
  • Use @mentions to send notifications. 
  • See comments in the activity stream or in emails. 
  • Filter activity streams by reviews, changes, comments, users, or projects.
  • Schedule notifications, batch comments, and send all comments in a single email. 
Swarm Custom Notifications

CI/CD Automation

Integrate Swarm into continuous delivery and integration chains:

  • Trigger builds and tests for work in review.
  • Automate deployment for testing.
  • Integrate syntax analyzers for automated review comments.
  • Implement automated code reviews with the commenting API.
  • Works out of the box with popular tools like Jenkins/Hudson, Maven, Jira, Puppet, Chef, and more.
CI/CD Automation with Helix Swarm

Diverse Content Review

Powerful review and collaboration features for any type of work:

  • Designers iterate quickly on models.
  • Artists review and compare images.
  • Developers work together on code.
  • Anyone can share documents, spreadsheets, etc.
Diverse Content Reviews with Helix Swarm

Helix Swarm in the Core

See why companies like Samsung and Nvidia use Helix Swarm and Helix Core together to efficiently manage their versioned assets during code and content reviews:

  • Commit and submit changes from a pre-commit review directly from Helix Swarm's web UI.
  • Clear and clean pending changelists associated with a pre-commit review.
  • Keep review descriptions in sync with the original changelist review.
  • Use a single vendor solution for versioning and code review. Helix Swarm is included with your Helix Core license.

Samsung's Code Review Tool

From a development environment with thousands of contributors, Samsung trusts Helix Swarm to provide global code review to maintain their agile enterprise. No organization is too big or too small to achieve better collaboration with Helix Swarm.


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Helix Swarm is a collaboration and code review tool, fully integrated with Helix Core, offering development code review in one enterprise solution. Helix Swarm can organize large-scale projects with ease and eliminate confusion across your development environments, adding greater speed and security along the way. 

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