How Helix Swarm Works With Helix Core

Helix Swarm adds code review and collaboration capabilities to Helix Core — for free.

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How Samsung Does Global Code Reviews

Samsung uses Helix Swarm to collaborate on code reviews around the world.


Key Features of a Code Review Tool

Helix Swarm unites teams and adds clarity to the code review process. Here’s how.


Comment Threading

Bring up issues by adding threaded comments inline with the code. And with Helix Swarm, you can even add files or comment with emojis. 💬

Review Dashboard

Monitor which code reviews are complete — and which ones are still in progress. Helix Swarm gives you visibility across projects and reviewers.


Priority Filters

Tackle the most important tasks first. Helix Swarm makes it easy to find the reviews that need your attention. And you can even filter them by priority. 


Custom Workflows

Get flexibility and control over the code review process. In Helix Swarm, workflows can be applied globally and tailored to the project.

Secure Access

Make sure your code and assets are only visible to those who have access privileges. Helix Swarm includes advanced security (SSO, MFA, etc.).


CI/CD Integrations

Integrate your build environment. Helix Swarm integrates with Jenkins, so you can get immediate feedback and deploy your code all in one spot.

Preview: Using Helix Swarm Free Code Review Tool

See how easy it is do a code review in Helix Swarm.

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