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Why Do You Need Version Control?

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8 Reasons to Choose Helix Core for VCS

A source control tool that versions everything and supports everyone on your team.


Single Source of Truth

Millions of files, TBs — nay, PBs — of data on a centralized server so you always know who did what, where, and when. 


Develop Remotely

Keep developers productive no matter where they are located with Perforce Federated Architecture. You get consistent high-performance around globe.


Manage Git Users

Give Git users the workflows they like without sacrificing scale and performance.


Code Collaboratively

Unite teams, formalize content reviews, and keep projects moving forward by sharing files, commenting, voting, and submitting work via Helix Swarm.

Do DevOps Right

The foundation for DevOps is version control. Fuel your pipeline with Helix Core and get high performant CI/CD at scale.

File-Level Permissions

Decide who can do view, share, edit, or download what with the industry's most fine-grained permissions model.


Scale Massively

Thousands of concurrent users and massive repos with lightning-fast commits and CI support. Don't just survive, grow and thrive.


Seamless Integration with Helix ALM

Manage requirements, test cases, issues, and other development artifacts for complex product development all in one place.

Got DevOps Challenges?

You can solve them with the right version control system. Get our 2018 DevOps Report to learn more about top trends and version control solutions from your peers.

DevOps Challenges and Version Control: The 2018 Report

Top Innovators Choose Helix Core for Version Control

We've got their backs.


Game Development

95% of AAA game dev studios use Helix Core.


Embedded Systems

90% of the top semiconductor companies use Helix Core.




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