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Helix Core Deployment

Features & Functionality

Free For Small Teams

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Universal Asset Versioning

Centralized Asset Repository

Exclusive Checkout & File Locking

Scalable Federated Architecture

Parallel Sync & Submit

Visual Change History of Assets

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Comprehensive Audit Trail

LDAP Integration

Granular (File-Level) Permissions

Built-in Failover

API Access

Git Asset Mirroring

Forum & Community Support

Phone & Email Support During Business Hours

7 Days

24/7 Support





Frequently Asked Questions

Are there storage restrictions for free customers?

Helix Core is a self-hosted solution. This means no limitations on storage no matter which plan you’re on.

Will the free version of Helix Core stop working if I have more than 5 users and/or 20 workspaces?

No, but you will be limited to no more than 1,000 files across the entire system.

How do I change my plan or number of seats?

We’re happy to help you add or remove seats as needed. Contact us to get started.

Do you offer a subscription plan?

Yes! We offer subscription licenses for teams of all sizes; teams of 50 or more may opt for perpetual licensing. Contact us to learn more.

Is there tiered pricing available?

As you grow, our sales team will work with you to scale. Contact us to get an individualized pricing quote.

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