Native Support for Helix Version Control

Seamlessly embed features of the Helix Versioning Engine into Visual Studio IDE. Let development teams perform essential version control tasks from a preferred integrated development platform.

Product Brief


Helix Plugin for Visual Studio (P4VS)

Feature-Rich Source Code Management

With P4VS, Helix Versioning Engine features are now directly built into the Visual Studio environment. Check out, check in, view file history and more are all just a click away.

Simplified Workflows

Bring workflow innovation to your environments with a flexible, secure branch-and-merge strategy with Helix Streams. Create, edit, and manage streams workspaces directly from Visual Studio.

Native Code Management

Access Helix source code management directly from your Visual Studio environment with P4VS. Check out, check in, and view file history with just a click of your mouse.

Code Review Options

Utilize code shelving through P4VS to capture all work in progress and assignt to specific developers for review. Users can also integrate Helix Swarm, a flexible code review and collaboration solution, to ship quality software faster.


Advanced Graphical Reporting Tools

Grab greater development details with the graphical design tools of P4VS, including Revision Graph, Stream Graph, and Time-lapse View, for greater Visual Studio code management. No longer will you waste time switching contexts to discover who is working on a sensitive file or when a bug was first introduced.

Visual Studio Developer Tools

P4VS integrates with Visual Studio IDE to provide source control support for projects that leverage a host of visual design tools to aid in software development.

System Requirements

Manage all files with Visual Studio:

  • Perforce Server versions 2015.2 or higher
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • Visual Studio 2013, 2015 and later

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Download the latest version of the Visual Studio plugin for Helix, the end-to-end global development solution featuring enterprise-ready version control and application lifecycle management for optimal development workflows.

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