What Is Source Control in Visual Studio?

Versioning is critical to organize and track changes to source code over time. Visual Studio IDE integrates with Helix Core for seamless version control.

Native Support for Visual Studio Source Control

The Helix Plugin for Visual Studio (P4VS) incorporates enterprise-class version control into your development workflow from within the Visual Studio IDE, no switching between tools required. From the Visual Studio interface, developers can login/logout, add, edit, revert, diff, and more.

Product Brief

Helix Plugin for Visual Studio (P4VS)

Visual Studio Version Control + Perforce

Helix Core integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio

Bringing the Power of Helix Core to Visual Studio

The Visual Studio plugin brings developers the enterprise-class version control features they need without having to leave the Visual Studio IDE. P4VS empowers teams to collaborate on files of all sizes and types from the comfort of the Visual Studio interface.

Simplified Workflows

Helix Core’s flexible branch-and-merge strategy integrates with Visual Studio controlled lists. You can create, edit, and manage workspaces, branches and merges directly from Visual Studio.

Native Code Management

Version your code directly from your Visual Studio environment with P4VS. Check Visual Studio files in and out, reconcile offline work, bring up diff views, and view file history with a single click.

Code Review Options

Capture all work in progress and assign to specific developers for review by integrating Helix Swarm, the Perforce code review and collaboration tool that’s free with Helix Core.


Advanced File and Branch Visualization Tools

Quickly visualize propagated changes to your files and branches with Helix Core’s visualization tools: Revision Graph, Stream Graph, and Time-Lapse View.

Keep Data Safe With Multi-Factor Authentication

Helix Core supports multi-factor authentication for ironclad security. When you use P4VS for Visual Studio source control, you can rest assured that your intellectual property is secure.

Get P4VS for Visual Studio Source Control

Download the latest version of P4VS and bring the power and flexibility of Helix Core to your Visual Studio developers.

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