Why Perforce Streams?

Helix Core gives developers a better way to implement and enforce codeline policy with Perforce Streams. Our "branches with brains" make it easy for development teams to visualize relationships between branches and monitor the flow of change across enterprise environments.

Flexible Branching

Perforce Streams will intelligently organize the modules that comprise your projects, along with the policies that govern their workflow. Embodying a flexible best practice branch-and-merge strategy, Helix ensures that change flow is monitored correctly and flowing in the right direction. 

Helix Core version control software provides lightning-fast version control to manage and deliver your files to large, distributed teams.

Enterprise Stability

Perforce Streams promote efficiencies such as code re-use, automated merging, fast context switching, efficient workspace updates, and inherited workspace and branch views. While Perforce handles these logistics, users can keep focused on their work. For projects with large data burdens and many contributors, Perforce Streams saves you time and increases performance throughout your project cycle.

Inherited and Efficient Workspaces

Manage Complexity

Streams provide visual clues for where and how to branch and merge, reducing confusion of how changes are propagated. This guided behavior helps support stability and innovation in your development environments, and it also eliminates much of the work needed to define branches, create workspaces, and manage integrations. 

Manage Complexity, Support Stability

Ease with Perforce Shelving

When you store copies of open files temporarily as shelves, Perforce Streams clearly display the copy in a pending changelist. Grab and restore snapshots of in-progress work, or review a colleague's code before check-in. But guess what? You can shelve whole streams, adding the same file-level agility into your development codelines.

Hierarchial folders for organization

Stream Graph Visualizations

Get a graphical representation of branch hierarchy contained in a stream depot with the Perforce Stream Graph. Different streams can convey important information about code relationships, the workflow used to propagate changes between streams, and the existence of pending integrations. With Stream Graph you have an intuitive GUI to better understand where change flows throughout your project.

Helix Core, a scalable and secure version control tool, provides flexible branching functionality

Best Practices Built-In

To help enforce simpler branching, Perforce Streams employ best practice methodologies like the merge down, copy up paradigm. Leveraging continually embedded development data, the stream model ensures that change flows in the right direction, in the right order, cutting through project complexity to provide a stable change management tool.

Centralize and track details across the application lifecycle and manage devolopment

Use Your Tools

The Perforce Streams feature is a mature, multiplatform GUI, with plugins for most industry popular IDEs, tooling integration, and fully-supported APIs. Customize your perfect solution around Perforce Streams, incorporating graphical tools, merge and diff tools, and software build tools, all in one place.  

Integrate with Industry Popular IDEs

Keep it Simple with Brainy Branches

Perforce Streams helps software teams embrace the KISS principle. With strong merge and codeline management fundamentals, as well as a suite of visual tools for complex projects, Streams corrals change flow in your product cycles with ease.


Support All Stream Types with Perforce

Lightweight Branching Flexibility

Perforce Streams supports a variety of codeline development approaches, from traditional to lightweight to virtual methodologies. No matter how your teams get things done, Perforce Streams can configure to your preferred software development structures. 

Soft-to-Firm Streams

Perforce codifies the traditional model of stability in its standard stream types, where code is built from a mainline trunk that merges down to development branches and merges up to a more stable release stream. 

Task Streams

Perforce task streams are lightweight, short-term branches for work that affects a small portion of a full project branch. Work privately, switch contexts quickly, and reduce the amount of metadata Helix manages.

Virtual Streams

Serving as a workspace filter, users can submit changes directly to a stream without syncing all the files in the stream view to their workspace. Virtual streams restrict the working view of a real stream and help developers work across multiple platforms quickly.

Streams Adoption Guide

Discover Superior Branching

Helix Core’s powerful and lightweight branching strategy – Perforce Streams – simplifies workflows based on best practices. Learn how to manage concurrent development while eliminating obstacles.

See Streams in Action

Seeing is believing in Streams. Take a guided tour of the graphical visualization tools within Helix Core. The innovative visual tools give development teams greater confidence and enhance project productivity. 


Time-Lapse View



Revision Graph


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