We Call it “Branches With Brains”

Perforce Streams offers teams a better way to branch and merge. It intelligently guides developers working in Helix Core –– version control from Perforce. 



    So Why Do You Need Streams?

    Big teams are working on even bigger projects. If you have thousands of contributors all branching and merging at the same time, it gets complicated, fast.

    To avoid merge complications, developers might branch less. Companies spend time scripting tools to help with merging, and waste time documenting practices using an external tool. But there is an easier way.

      Streams Helps You


      Branch more


      Merge easier


      Easily setup workspaces

      Switch between codelines


      Reuse code


      Accelerate pipelines

      Solve Challenges With Perforce Streams

      Streams makes life easier for everyone on your team. No external tools or scripts need. You can visualize how code flows. And admins can onboard new team members to complex projects fast.

      Superior Branching

      Streams intelligently organizes thousands of codelines. It helps you branch more, and avoid painful merges. That’s because Streams ensures that change always flows in the right direction. Changes are merged down into a less stable codeline. When they are finished and tested, changes can be copied up.

      Flexible Branching

      Enterprise Stability

      The merge-down, copy-up best practice in Streams prevents errors and improves developer productivity. It also keeps your mainline protected. Immature code can be developed separate from the mainline.

      And project managers and other stakeholders can quickly see what work has been completed, and the changes that still need to be integrated.

      Enterprise Stability

      Visualize Development

      Streams offers visual indicators to let everyone on the team know where and how to branch. From project managers to developers, everyone can see:

      • Relationships between code.
      • How change is propagated between streams.
      • Any pending integrations that need to be incorporated. 

      This eliminates extra work needed to define branches and manage integrations.

      Visual Streams

      Simple Workspace Management

      Setting up workspaces and mapping files takes time. With Perforce Streams, your development teams can switch between streams fast. It’s because their workspace knows what files are available depending on the stream.

      This minimizes configuration time and project complexity. Teams can get right to work innovating their next project.

      Built-In Best Practices

      Visual Tools + Commandline Support

      Perforce Streams is available in Helix Visual Client (P4V). It works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Streams is also accessible right from the commandline. Streams also supports plugins for our most popular IDEs, integration tools, and APIs.

      Perforce Streams is available in Helix Visual Client (P4V). It works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

      Perforce Streams Keeps it Simple

      Perforce Streams helps software teams keep things simple. With merge and codeline management — as well as a suite of visual tools — Streams easily organizes changes throughout your product lifecycle.


      Perforce Streams Types To Match Your Workflow

      Perforce Streams supports a variety of codeline development approaches, from traditional to lightweight to virtual methodologies. No matter how your teams get things done, Perforce Streams is flexible and works how you do.

      Mainline Stream

      Keep your codeline stable and organized using a mainline stream. Child development streams can be copied up into the mainline. Then code can be pushed out to a release stream.

      Mainline Stream
      Release Stream

      Release Streams

      Release streams are less flexible than the parent mainline stream. They are designed to be stable and are used for bug fixing and release maintenance.

        Development Streams

        Used for long-term projects and major new features, development streams are where your teams get things done.

        Development Stream
        Task Streams

        Task Streams

        Perforce task streams are lightweight, short-lived branches. They are designed for developers work on a small portion of a full project branch.

        So, developers can work privately and switch contexts quickly. When finished, only the metadata for the changed files (along with any changes) gets merged back into the stream.

        Virtual Streams

        Serving as a workspace filter, virtual streams allow teams to focus on a portion of the codeline.  This is incredibly valuable for enterprises that have hundreds of thousands of files in their code base. 

        You can use them to access to certain files from the parent stream. So, if you only need to work on two files in a project, you don’t need to have the entire stream in a workspace.

        Virtual Streams
        Streams Adoption Guide

        Discover Superior Branching

        Helix Core’s powerful and lightweight branching strategy – Perforce Streams – simplifies workflows based on best practices. Learn how to manage concurrent development while eliminating obstacles.

        See Perforce Streams in Action

        For Perforce Streams, seeing is believing. Take a guided tour of the graphical tools within Helix Core. Give your development teams greater confidence and accelerate your pipeline.


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