What is Helix4Git?

Git + Scalability of Perforce Helix Core

You have development teams working on a Git project (or multiple Git projects). But as your teams grow and projects become more complex, Git can struggle to scale. This leads to slowdowns, lack of visibility across teams, and often duplicated efforts.

Helix4Git is a high-performance Git server inside Perforce Helix Core version control. This free add-on allows your developers to use their preferred Git tools (GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket). And you get all the benefits of Helix Core.

Product Brief

Bring Git Assets Together with Perforce Version Control

You need better Git solutions. When you use Helix4Git with Helix Core, you can maintain a single source of truth across development teams. This is especially important if you’re working with open source software or outsourced development teams.

How It Works

  1. Developers use Git as they would normally — with any Git code hosting solution.
  2. Changes are committed
  3. Git code (from Helix4Git) is combined with all your other digital assets inside Helix Core to create a single source of truth for builds.

Use the Best Version Control Software

Helix Core is the best version control software for world-class development at scale. Not using Helix Core yet? Learn more >>

Bring Assets Together

Helix4Git — Made for Scalability

Achieve 40–80% Faster Builds

The longer it takes to build and test, the more time your developers are spent waiting. Helix4Git boosts innovation by streamlining your build process. How?

Helix4Git stores your Git code, large binary files, and other digital assets in the high-performance Perforce Helix Core server. You can retrieve everything you need from one single source of truth, giving you 40–80% faster builds than with native Git alone.


Push and Pull Code Without Delays

Pulling down a repo and pushing new code takes too long in traditional Git development. Especially when teams are distributed around the world. Remote teams often wait hours just to get started on their work.

Helix4Git solves these challenges, so you can push and pull code without the WAN wait. That’s because you can manage your Git repos in a single source of truth. Everyone will be working on the same codebase, using the latest version. And remote teams will be able to work together more efficiently, as if they’re in the same room.

Achieve 40-80% faster builds with Helix4Git

Manage Large Binary Files

Git was never designed to handle large binary files. It has limits on the size of repositories. And because your repository grows with every commit, it’s easy to exceed the limit. Trying to manage large binary files in Git drains server and client resources. So, when you’re working with large files, there are slowdowns.

Helix Core is built to handle large files — and especially large binary files. Using Helix4Git with Helix Core allows you to leverage this performance for large binary files and use Git source code in the pipeline.

manage large binary files

Scale Git Tools for Your Team

Ensure higher performance at scale. Interested in learning more? Talk to our team about scaling Git with solutions from Perforce.

How Helix4Git Maintains a Single Source of Truth

Helix4Git ensures a single source of truth across your pipeline. That means you can:

Accelerate Complex Product Builds

Building and releasing a product typically requires a combination of code and other digital assets. This often means multiple repositories. And the more repositories, the more difficult it is to pull together.

Using Helix4Git with Helix Core adds clarity to your complex product build. You can pull together code from multiple sources — for example, Helix Core, GitLab, and GitHub — into a single workspace. That workspace ensures you build and release faster and easier than you would with native Git alone.


Maintain a Reliable Audit Trail

Using data from multiple sources makes it difficult to create an audit trail. And native Git lacks security and data protection features. This makes it particularly difficult for security-focused and regulated companies to maintain an audit trail.

Combining your Perforce + Git code (from Helix4Git) makes it easy to create and maintain an audit trail for your entire product lifecycle. That’s because it brings the power of Helix Core to all your Git repos. That means you can leverage Helix Core changelists for auditability. Plus, Helix Core is the most securable version control software, with top-notch access control.

Maintain a Reliable Audit Trail

Avoid Duplicating Disaster Recovery Efforts

Enterprise companies are required to have a disaster recovery plan for their code repositories. And if your Git code isn’t backed up, you could lose it all.

Helix4Git provides a central server for your Git code. It replicates your repos and backs everything up. As a result, it’s available around the clock. If you’re using Helix Core and you’ve already built disaster recovery processes, you can incorporate your Git code into that existing plan. And you’ll rest assured that your Git data is protected.

recovery efforts

Who Uses Perforce Git Tools?

Companies that have some teams working in Git (e.g., third party developers or open source code) and some teams working in Helix Core should use Helix4Git. This is especially true for teams dealing with massive codebases, such as game developers or embedded systems developers (e.g., automotive or medical device).


Game Development




Medical Device


Embedded Systems

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