Helix Core Plugins

No matter what you’re working on — from code to graphics — Helix Core plugins make it easy to version files. Everyone on your team can work in their preferred tools with enhanced security and superior performance.

Helix Plugin for Visual Studio (P4VS)

Helix Core seamlessly integrates with Microsoft's popular Visual Studio IDE. This powerful plugin gives developers access to version control features without leaving the interface. They can add, edit, and revert using simplified workflows.

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Helix Plugin for Jenkins (P4PLUGIN)

The Jenkins and Helix Core combination helps solve Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) challenges. Using the p4plugin, you can easily implement Jenkins builds and automation. You can combine code and artifacts managed in Helix Core, alongside Git assets, to implement a high-performance build environment.

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Helix Plugin for Eclipse (P4Eclipse)

Eclipse is still one of the most popular IDEs for Java developers. And with the Helix Plugin for Eclipse, they get access to all version control features within the IDE. This plugin continues to supported with regular releases.

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Helix Plugin for Graphical Tools (P4GT)

Artists and designers shouldn’t have to learn how to use a version control system. P4GT connects popular graphics tools –– Adobe Photoshop, AutoDesk Maya and 3ds Max –– to Helix Core. They can open, check out, and lock graphics files from within their favorite application. When done, they can easily check in and submit the files.

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Helix Plugin for File Explorer (P4EXP)

Windows users can access Helix Core from the familiar right-click (context-click) menu in Microsoft’s File Explorer. It gives you access to the most-commonly used version control features of Helix Core, such as check out, submit, view changelists, and more.

file explorer plugin   Download Now

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