Klocwork Consulting

Klocwork Onboarding

Implementing a static analysis tool requires careful planning and ongoing communication within your organization. Our onboarding services are an essential part of this process, ensuring you are set up optimally, right from the start, to take advantage of the impressive functionality provided through Klocwork.

Select a Quick Start Onboarding package (5 users, 1 build, 1 portal), an Advanced Onboarding package (for DevOps customers), or a Custom Enterprise Onboarding for large, highly specialized deployments.

Onboarding services include:

  • Klocwork server installation
  • Build server installation
  • Desktop setup
  • Team education

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Advanced Static Code Analysis

A Klocwork deployment status check and review designed to increase ROI by leveraging Klocwork’s advanced features.

Ensure success with our expertise on how to:

  • Overcome adoption hurdles.
  • Improve automation.
  • Gain insight through metrics.
  • Absorb effective knowledge transfer. through hands-on training.

Advanced Static Code Analysis service includes:

  • A review of your current Klocwork deployment and recommendations for best practices.
  • Review analysis configuration changes to take advantage of new, improved checkers and taxonomies.
  • Train administrators, managers, and developers on new features.
  • Train personnel new to Klocwork and existing users.
  • Identify changes to simplify and automate user interactions with Klocwork, such as with integrations with other development tools.

Available in four tiers: 1 portal, 2-3 portals, 4-6 portals, and custom.

Migration Assistance

Transition to the latest version of Klocwork. Our team provides a comprehensive, efficient plan and then assists with the actual deployment to ensure that you will be up and running faster.

Migration services include:

  • Assessment and planning workshop.
  • Migration plan, which includes configuration, backup, training, and verification strategies.
  • Implementation, including full installation, data migration, testing, and validation.

Static Code Analysis Audit

Discover what security and quality issues are in your code. And, test your release readiness.

The Klocwork audit checks your C, C++, C#, or Java code for compliance against leading standards, such as CWE, CERT, MISRA, AUTOSAR, and DISA STIG.

Static Code Analysis Audit service includes:

  • Analysis of an application with Klocwork focused on desired criteria, such as quality, security, and industry standards.
  • Guidance on issues for each module explained through a PowerPoint report with charts and tables.
  • Manual inspection of third party code.

Available in three tiers: <1 MLOC, 1-5MLOC, and custom.

Custom Taxonomies and Checkers

Focus analysis results on the defects that matter most to you by using custom taxonomies and enabling checkers.

The custom taxonomies and checker service includes:

  • Mapping existing Klocwork checkers to your corporate or industry coding standards.
  • Writing custom checkers to detect problematic coding techniques you’ve identified.

Additional Consulting Services

We also offer a complete range of consultancy services to help you deploy and optimize Klocwork for C, C++, C#, and Java in your unique workflow.

These services include:

  • Custom integrations — compiler, CI systems (e.g. Jenkins), bug tracking systems (e.g. Jira), and more.
  • Custom report generation scripts for email notifications and compliance reports.
  • Custom training for Klocwork.

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