Challenges With Embedded Development

Managing the increase in digital assets is essential for efficient embedded systems design and development. This means storing all digital assets —  from code and design files to test scripts and artifacts —  in a single source of truth.

All this needs to happen under strict compliance guidelines. For quality-critical industries, code needs to comply with coding standards (such as MISRA). And requirements from standards (such as ISO 26262) need to be fulfilled. Proving you’ve complied is important.

Challenges With Embedded Development

Introducing Perforce Tools for Simplifying Embedded Development

Version Control and Collaboration

Version control streamlines chip design and development. Helix Core securely manages content spanning the electronics design chain. And it delivers files and binary assets quickly to large, distributed teams. This single source of truth fosters reliable design, shorter testing processes, and faster time to market.

Static Code Analysis

Static code analysis tools find potential vulnerabilities in code, as you code. And, Perforce offers two of the best tools — Helix QAC for C and C++, and Klocwork for C, C++, C#, and Java

These tools make sure that code complies with your coding standard. That ensures that your code safe, secure, and reliable.

Application Lifecyle Management (ALM)

ALM tools help development teams track items across their project lifecycles. Perforce’s ALM tool — Helix ALM — makes it easy to trace requirements, code, tests, and issues. With this traceability, you’ll rest assured that your compliance requirements are met. And you’ll have the traceability to prove it.

Helix Core

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Maintaining a Single Source of Truth

Data is continually increasing for embedded developers.

Helix Core helps you manage your growing and complex codebase by maintaining a single source of truth. This means design data, Cadence libraries, CAD files, simulations, and artifacts are securely managed.

But what about your distributed teams? Helix Core unites your global design centers and ensures they’re tightly coupled to the development process. Thanks to high-performing servers and federated architecture, Perforce’s version control platform syncs content at LAN speeds. And, it connects to the larger development pipeline through countless integrations: Cadence, Methodics, MathWorks, Visual Studio, Eclipse, and other popular IDEs.

It’s because of these features — plus Helix Core’s ability to improve traceability, IP reuse, and security — that 8 of the top 10 embedded systems companies version on Perforce.

Detailed File History in Helix P4V

Versioning Best Practices for Embedded Development

Embedded systems development can be a challenging and complex endeavor. What are leaders like ADTRAN and u-blox doing to streamline embedded development?  They are implementing version control best practices to improve global collaboration. Through version control, their workflows are transparent, traceable, and secure. Download our eBook to learn innovative tips for simplifying embedded systems development.

Versioning Best Practices for Embedded Systems Development

Managing Embedded System Requirements & Embedded Testing

Create traceability across embedded development.

Traceability across product lifecycles is important, especially when it comes to proving compliance. Tracking and linking all changes, requirements, and tests is key to effective traceability.

Embedded systems requirements include functional safety requirements. Companies in this industry include automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. Within these companies, there’s no room for error when it comes to functional safety. Lives are at stake.

Embedded testing verifies that these requirements were met. Tracking tests and documenting results is typically required for compliance.

Helix ALM creates traceability from requirements to testing for you. You’ll easily track requirements, tests, and their results. You’ll know when compliance requirements are met. And the tool will take care of the documentation for compliance for you.

Traceability in Helix ALM

5 Ways Traceability Improves Embedded Systems Development

Documenting and tracking requirements is critical in embedded systems development. But it’s hard to do if you’re managing requirements manually. Traceability makes it easier. Download this white paper to learn five ways you can use traceability to improve development.

Effective Traceability Embedded Systems Development

Ensuring Embedded Code Compliance

Quality is critical in embedded code.

That’s why many embedded developers are required to use a coding standard. Using a coding standard improves product quality.

A common example is MISRA, an embedded C and C++ coding standard. It includes coding rules that developers — particularly in the embedded industry — need to comply with.

Helix QAC and Klocwork make it easy to comply with C and C++ coding standards. The static code analyzers automatically verifies that the code complies, and it scans your code for potential defects and vulnerabilities. This enables better coding and secure embedded software.

Code compliance in Helix QAC

How to Improve Embedded Systems Security

Security is critical in embedded systems development. But how can you trust that both the software and hardware are secure? Download this white paper to learn about common security pitfalls — and how to avoid them. Plus, you'll get tips for developing secure embedded software.

Developing Secure Embedded Software

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