Helix QAC Consulting

Helix QAC Onboarding

Implementing a static analysis tool requires careful planning and ongoing communication within your organization. Our onboarding services are an essential part of this process, ensuring you are optimally set up right from the start to take advantage of the impressive functionality that Helix QAC provides.

Select a Quick Start Onboarding package, an Advanced Onboarding package, or a Custom Enterprise Onboarding package for large, highly specialized deployments.

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Additional Consulting Services

We also offer a complete range of consultancy services to help you deploy and optimize Helix QAC for C/C++.

These services include:

  • Custom integrations — multi-platform, compiler, and IDE.
  • Code audits.
  • Coding standard development.
  • Training both for C/C++ languages and Helix QAC.

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