Helix QAC Consulting

Helix QAC Setup

Our consultants are experts in C/C++ language comprehension, development environments, compiler nuances, and process integrations.

We can help you become an expert, customize your tool, and integrate your Helix QAC solutions.

We support our customers from the start of an evaluation through to post-sales with:

  • Closely-monitored evaluation assistance to help make the right purchase decisions.
  • On-site or remote installation help and guidance.
  • Email or telephone assistance if a problem arises.

Additional Consulting Services

We also offer a complete range of consultancy services to help you deploy and optimize Helix QAC for C/C++.

These services include:

  • Custom integrations — multi-platform, compiler, and IDE.
  • Code audits.
  • Coding standard development.
  • Training both for C/C++ languages and Helix QAC.

Ready to Schedule?

Our experts can be engaged for individual projects or integrated into your team. To schedule or for more information, get in touch.