What Is Digital Twin Technology?

Digital twin technology allows teams to use real-time data, simulations, algorithms, and machine learning to create a virtual representation of a physical object, process, or service. Because they are cheaper than actual prototypes, teams can build and test thousands of versions to find the ideal solution.

Building Digital Twins — What You Need

Digital twins development + game engines requires you to manage extremely-large files, numerous interactions, and massive amounts of data. This means you need software that can manage everything with the performance and speed your teams need.

Helix Core — version control from Perforce — is your foundation for digital twins technology. It is the game engine standard used by 19/20 top game development studios. 

With Helix Core You Can

Accelerate Development

Version Any Digital Asset

Enhance Global Collaboration

Integrate with Leading Tools

Deploy in the Cloud

Secure & Track Everything

How Helix Core Works

Helix Core is flexible enough to fit into any development environment. Teams can use it to store all their data, and it will keep track of the rest.

Need to meet safety standards? ✓

Helix Core allows you to trace every change, helping you comply with regulations and audits.

Work with global teams in real-time? ✓

Helix Core can deliver files and feedback, fast. With Perforce Federated Architecture you can deploy anywhere — even in the cloud.

Secure your files and development pipeline? ✓

Helix Core is known for iron-clad security. It can even protect down to the individual file-level.

When it comes to digital twins technology, choose Perforce Helix Core. It is the foundational software for the future.

digital twins and helix core

Game + Digital Twin Technology

Looking to leverage digital twins technology for your industry? Join a discussion with Perforce experts to see what your toolstack needs to turn data into decisions.

High Quality Software for Your Teams

Proud customers make Perforce one of the best-reviewed solutions.

Powerful versioning engine with excellent graphical interface.

Automotive Enterprise
G2 Crowd Review

Integrates well, is easy to use, is great for the company.

Oil & Energy Enterprise
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Fast and reliable version control system. 

Game Development Studio
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Where Can You Use Digital Twins Technology? Everywhere.

No matter your industry, digital twins technology can help you drive new innovations.


Want to optimize your end-to-end supply chain, operations, quality management, or custom production? With digital twins technology you can test several solutions before products are created, ensuring processes are at max efficiency. It can help you minimize the impact of disruption while determining the best secondary source of supply.


Engineering and Construction 

Looking to build bigger? Digital twins are the new way to create a prototype. Game engines include real-world physics allowing you to build a virtual building or structure prototype for investors and you can even pass it along to construction. You even use digital twins technology to customize your product, helping your customers themselves in your solution. 



Automotive companies are developing the cars of the future with digital twins technology. Now you and your team can build all kinds of prototypes without the added expense. CAD tools that were static and did not offer highly dynamic views are now transformed with real-time rendering. Crash tests can be simulated, and physics altered to learn how a car will perform.



Digital twin technology is helping retailers monitor shopping behavior to make better predictions. From supply chain to self-check-out models, digital twin can help you forecast more efficiently to optimize business hours and worker head count. With digital twins technology, you can make more strategic decisions. 


Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT sensors give greater visibility into the entire product lifecycle. Instead of having to make assumptions on how a user would engage with a product, you can use IoT data and feed it into a game engine. Now you can continuously refine the product so your customers can spend less time and money fixing the product later.


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